Taslim, Fiza and Hazeem Ahmad

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

5 May


After being delayed on 29 April  because of non availability of air flights Taslim, Fiza and Hazeem arrived safely on Cape Town shores to enjoy the wonders of  Cape Town. Even though they brought much welcomed rain with them it can be seen from the pictures that we still managed to have a great tour of the mother city and its surrounds.



Hazeem immediately made himself comfortable in his bed in the Sir Francis Hotel  J

Taslim and Fiza posing at the Barnyard restaurant


While Taslim and Fiza posed in front of the "Jungle Jim" at the barnyard Hazeem kept an eye over his parents. J


Fiza and Hazeem having fun looking for precious stones at the Scratchpatch in Simonstown


Hazeem signals the V for victory sign after he eventually got to see the penguins at the Boulders Beach penguin colony.


Hazeem having fun on an African drum outside the Penguin Colony.


Yup we made it to Cape Point even though it was pretty cold weather.


Hazeem giving Coke some free advert time on the Hout Bay beach J


Taslim and Hazeem having fun under the Sentinel on Hout Bay Beach



On our second day while we were in the winelands we visited a butterfly farm. Here Hazeem is found looking at a butterfly under an arched hedge.


After visiting the Butterfly Farm Hazeem had a shot at this piece of carrot cake. We all had to help him finish the huge piece of wonderful confectionery

Talsim and Fiza posing in front of the Manor House on Plaisir de Merle.


Taslim, Hazeem and Benny the chocolatier at the Belgian chocolate factory in Franschhoek


Fiza, Taslim and Hazeem enjoying themselves at the Hillcrest Berry Farm

Taslim stroking Inca at the Cheetah foundation while Dawn the handler talks to Selwyn.

Fiza, Hazeem and Taslim next to Inca and Dawn at the Cheetah foundation


The happy trio posing at the tree-lined entrance to Neethlinghof wine estate.



On our third day we traveled to Kirstenbosch as our first stop. Here we see Hazeem having fun sitting in one of the Zimbabwean sculptures that are to be found in the gardens.


Hazeem keeping himself busy at the drawing board in the Kirstenbosch Shop while his parents were doing some shopping.


Fiza camouflaged next to the Zimbabwean sculpture of a flower in Kirstenbosch Gardens


The happy family in front of some guinea fowl in the Kirstenbosch gardens


With Fiza and Taslim already over the river Kirstenbosch they await Hazeem to do likewise


Hazeem having fun feeding the seagulls in front of "On the Rocks" in Hout Bay


The happy trio in Hout Bay


Fiza and Hazeem in front of Chapmans Peak in Hout Bay


Our last stop for the day was at the Waterfront. Here Hazeem is caught playing with a hat that we found in the Masizakhe store.


This was a great tour as the happy trio who toured with me were such easy, happy go lucky people to travel with. Due to the fact that it was raining most of the time while we toured we had to continuously modify our plans but in the end they all worked out pretty well. Taslim and Fiza were so easy to please and Hazeem was an absolute delight all the way. Hazeem was a spunky young 4 year old who really was a bundle of energy all the way through the tour.  I look forward to one day touring with the above trio and Hazeem's two brothers who stayed behind in Malaysia this time round as they were to young to travel.


Received - 13 May 2001

Dear Selwyn,

How are you and Bette? I read your email a few times and so did Fiza. I tried to explain it to Hazeem the best I could. We really cherish the complements you mention and now will try our very best to live up to it. Hazeem has already starting to miss you cos' he told me to buy a combi where he and his brothers can jump and play inside. It was also very difficult for us at the airport and we felt we had too short a time together with you.

You were great to us and fantastic with Hazeem. He (and us too) really appreciates that as you always had him in mind during the tours, he was not left out even for a moment. In Cape Town, you were not really our guide but you were my best buddy. When we met, I felt that we were friends before and came back for a re-union. I guess it was due to the communication we had prior to my visit. Not to mention you were our Baby-Sitter too. We could trust you with Hazeem right away. My mum could not believe us. At home we talk so much about you that my mum says she must meet you one day. 

I saw the website and it was great. Most of my friends and families saw it too and was amazed with your idea of having it with a little delay. I had also developed the photos and there were quite good. But, not as good as the real sceneries we saw with our own eyes. There is also quite a few of you and Hazeem and I want to sent some copies to you. Please include your postal address in you next mail. 

Selwyn, you really made our trip a great one looking at the fact that I encountered some major problems at first. With you at my side it made things simple and we made it. I do really hope that in the near future, you would make plans on coming over. I really want you to think it over seriously with Bette of course. I probably can never give a tour like you did but, I guarantee that I'll give it my best shot.

Our memories of Cape Town will always be remembered and cherished. I hope that one day I can go there again but this time mainly to visit our dear friend there.

With lots of love from Malaysia.