Ed, Paula and Scott Boze

Atlanta - USA

29 June



I met Ed, Paula and Scott at Camps Bay Terrace on the Friday morning and after becoming acquainted over the breakfast table we set off on a Winelands tour. We first traveled though the Sea Point area where we took in some of the fascinating history of the Beachfront and then traveled on towards Paarl. My apologies for the lack of photos as we had such a great time together that I clean forgot to take photos at times.


This photo did not come out to well but it certainly depicts how huge in stature the Afrikaans language monument
 was in terms of its physical presence to us all when we visited the site in Paarl. 


From the Afrikaans language monument we traveled on to Stellenbosch. Along the way we stopped in at Plaisier de Merle where we had fun learning all about wine and the history of the winefarm which is so heavily intertwined with the history of the French Huguenots


Ed, Scott and Paula having fun while tasting wines at Plasier de Merle


Ed decided he might try his hand at becoming an amateur wine maker for the day. J


Paula and Scott decided that Ed would need help as the winemaker and joined the photo party. JJ

When we arrived in Stellenbosch everybody was rather hungry so we stopped for some takeout and the ha great fun touring the Stellenbosch University Campus as well as the Town itself. Before leaving the town we went into the Black Township adjacent to Stellenbosch by name of Khaya Mandi (Home sweet home). After visiting Khaya Mandi we stopped in at Spier farm and went to the Cheetah foundation where we saw the cheetahs through the fencing as the foundation was closed in that it was close to 18h00. We then returned to Cape Town where after driving through the we landed up at the doorway of Camps Bay Terrace.


This was a very stimulating tour on a mental level as the Boze family were very interested in Cape Town and its history and had lots to add from their own experiences in life. I personally was sorry that we never had an opportunity to spend more time together while they were in Cape Town as they were such wonderful company at all times while we traveled through the Winelands.