Nicky and Simon Brinklow + Stephen Ayres

Chesham - England

1 December 2000


This was a short Winleands tour on which we had much fun in little time visiting Plattekloof, Plasier de Merle,  Stellenbosch, Kaya Mandi and the Cheetah Foundation. Everyne wanted to get back to Cape Town soonest so as to go watch the cricket match between Western Province and Border so we made sure that we were back in Cape Town by 17h30.


Stephen, Nicki and Simon enjoy the scenery at Plasier de Merle.



Ejoying a winetasting in the Plasier de Merle winetasting room


Browing about in Stellenbosch and admiring all the art shops.


Received - 4 December 2000


Thanks for the message. I've just taken a look at your web site and it's fantastic. The pictures you took of Simon, Niki and myself have come out really well - the electronic age is truly touching every industry! 

Thanks very much for your time in Cape Town, we all had a wonderful day with you showing us the 'hidden treasures' of Cape Town - I particularly enjoyed the story of the sculptors using the wrong picture for their work. I'm sure there are many more stories such as these and I'll be sure to look you up so you can show us more. 

As I sit writing this in my room the temp is about 5 degrees and the wind and rain is lashing it seems a million miles from Cape Town. I'm sorry we didn't  ring WP any luck when we watched them but it was a great game but I'm not sorry we beat you in the rugby. I hope we've turned the corner and found  some of that BMT (Big Match Temperament) at last. This seems to come as  second nature to Southern Hemisphere teams but not to us..yet!

Once again thanks for everything and it was a pleasure listening to you regarding the politics of SA. It is the one thing that never ceases to amaze me when I talk to my friends in Durban that they talk of their farm workers in such derogatory tones. The only way this will change is through people like yourself who not only recognise the need for change but are also willing to 'walk the walk' and not just 'talk the talk'. 

Good luck with your work and I'm sure your enthusiasm will encourage more converts.


Steve Ayres