Paulo and Veronica Caria

Luanda - Angola

8 January 2001

After many emails between Paulo and myself I eventually got to meet this pilot from Luanda and his lovely wife. We truly had a wonderful time together in Cape Town. Veronica was not fluent in English so Paulo had to use his linguistic expertise and translate most of what was said to Veronica in Portuguese. This really was a true labour of love. It also was apparent to me that Veronica truly appreciated Paulo's efforts at translating.

On our first morning, in perfect weather, we acended Signal Hill. Heres a pic to prove it!


On what turned out to be a perfect day we had a wonderful experience at the penguin colony.


Having fun amongst the Everlastings at Cape Point.


Paulo leaves his mark at Cape Point while Veronica looks on


Veronica plays "model model" at Cape Point.


With Table Mountain in the background this pic was taken on our way to the Winelands.


Having fun in the gardens of Plasier de Merle


Admiring the antique scale in the Plasier de Merle manor house


Posing in front of the mill at Plasier de Merle


Joining Denver, the chocolatier, in a chocolate making adventure at the Franschhoek Belgian chocolate factory.


Paulo strokes Inca while Dawn watchfully keeps an eye on the event. Veronica opted out of going in to meet Inca. <Grin>


Received:  15 January 2001


Hi, Selwyn!

Sorry for the delay but we had too much to share with our kids so we lost the time going through.

One thing I have to tell you - the photos are incredible GREAT ! We loved them so much. We miss Cape Town already. It was so beautiful and incredible. I hope some day we will be together again and at that time we will bring our kids with us.

Once again NOTHING pays what you did for us. I say again it was fantastic. THANK YOU so much Selwyn!

Paulo Caria