Thomas and Judith Damico

Dakar - Senegal

23 February 2001


After meeting Judith and Thomas at the airport on  Friday afternoon I took them to their hotel where they checked in and went off to enjoy a meal at a local Chinese restaurant. On the Saturday we started touring the Cape Town area.

We started out by visiting Lions Head. Here Judith and Thomas pose stand in front of a panoramic perspective of Devils Peak, Table Mountain and Lions Head


After Signal Hill we traveled into he city. Here the happy couple sit in the shade of a giant rubber tree in the Company Gardens.


On our second day we started off early by visiting Kirstenbosch Gardens


Having fun in the wind at the penguin colony.


Our last stop on the tour was at Cape Point seen in the background of this picture.


Received: 15 January 2001

Dear Selwyn, 

We had a really great time in Cape Town
thanks largely to your efforts. My brother acted
promptly to forward the photos so I had lots of
responses by the time I got on line here in Kampala last night. I was able to see them myself this morn.

We kept forgetting to recommend the book "Nathaniel's Nutmeg" to you. I know it is available there because that is where I first saw it. It is about the nutmeg trade and the Dutch-English rivalry. We think you would enjoy it.
Thanks again,