Sandy and Michael Fox  (Arizona - USA)

Richard Dunkle   (California - USA)

30 March 2001


I met Richard one day before the Crystal Symphony docked in Cape Town harbor. He was staying at the Table Bay Hotel awaiting the ship as well as Sandy and Michaels arrival. We spent the first day together and the pictures show what we we did in Cape Town on the day


Richard posing in front of Table Mountain in the Company Gardens


Richard having fun amongst the Wildebeest on Clara Anna Fonteyn


On the second day we met up with Sandy and Michael and went on a Peninsula tour.

Michael, Sandy and Richard braving the windy conditions at Muizenberg


While Sandy snapped a video of the penguins at Boulders Beach,  Michael and Richard did some hamming up of the whole situation.  JJJ

The threesome at Boulders Beach


Richard proving that he made it to The Cape of Good Hope.


Richard takes over the lighthouse at Cape Point


Sandy and Richard brave the wind at Cape Point

The threesome with the Cape of Good Hope in the background


Sandy snaps Michael at the Cape of Good Hope


Michael tries to be rid of Sandy at the Cape Of Good Hope   J but she restrains heavily

and then......

Then they make up.  J


On our third day we did a Winelands tour

Richard and Michael do the customary toast at Plaisir de Merle

Richard, myself and Michael hamming it up at Plaisir de Merle


Sandy doing a bit of "window shopping" at La Grange


While Andene made sure that Nyana kept his cool Richard and Michael bravely stroked the purring cheetah


We arrived back in Cape Town  there was a howling South Easter blowing. As we got to the city center Richard suddenly realized that his travel documents were in the back of the car. We stopped and as he opened his door to get the documents Teddy escaped (the wind got hold of him) and  Richard took off like a bullet to save Teddy as performed the heroic act in the heavy winds. As can be seen from the next picture Teddy felt very happy that his master saved him from the howling Cape South Easter.


This was a wonderful tour and the last little story tells you exactly how whacky it truly was. Michael and Richard just kept at it all the time and the humor never stopped in the vehicle. Sandy simply endured this and lapped it up too however she remained the rudder that kept the two males on the straight and narrow all the time. If she did not we probably would have all landed up on board the Crystal Symphony with stomach pains from all the laugher.


Received 7 April 2001

Hi Selwyn

Thanks so much for the wonderful, wonderful tour we had with you. We got to see the real Cape Town and we loved it. You are so knowledgeable and we learned so much. Btw  Michael and Richard are still as crazy as ever.

We are in Bom Bom Island today and were able to pick up about 5 of the pictures of us on your website. But we think you might have too many on there because the last few didn't come in. Perhaps you need to take off a few or whatever you think might work? Or maybe it's just the connections here. Anyway we loved the pictures and commentary.

Keep in touch. Thanks for your friendship and help with everything we did.

Best regards,

Received 2 May 2001


I am back at work (sigh...), but that means that I finally saw your email. I had a wonderful time; the entire trip was excellent, but my time in Cape Town definitely stands out as a major highlight! And I love the pictures on your web page.

You were absolutely super! I very much appreciate the extra time you spent with me. Your knowledge of the area and ability to keep things moving at the right pace really made our visit fascinating. The best part, though, was your energy, your sense of humor and that you seemed to be having such fun as well. I didn't leave a "tour guide" in Cape Town, I left a wonderful new friend!

Next time you come to California, drop me a line; I'd love to hook up while you're here!

To prospective clients I would say that I can enthusiastically recommend Selwyn to people of all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, religion or orientation. He loves Cape Town and that really comes through. After travelling with Selwyn, you'll love Cape Town too. I know I do.

Hamba Kahle