Thomas and Jan Freddo

 Boston - USA

22 March 2001


 I met Thomas and Jan at the airport and we traveled as quickly as we could to Table Mountain so that we could still see a Cape Sunset from the top of the mountain. Happily we made sunset and had a fantastic evening up on the mountain looking at Cape Towns lights and enjoying the wonderful weather. We then went to the Golden Jewel Chinese restaurant in the harbor and after a wonderful meal we went to the Leewenvoet Guesthouse where Thomas and Jan were staying.

On our first full day of touring I had my camera with me and here are some of the photos of our days activities.

We took a walk through the Company Gardens  in the city center and this picture was taken with Jan being framed by a huge rubber tree.


To prove that we were at Cape Point we took this picture. J


The sun was shining directly into Jan and Thomas's eyes when we took this picture so all they could say was "argh" when I took this photo.


Thomas and Jan with the Diaz Beach and the Cape of Good Hope behind them


Jan decided that the safest way to ride a baboon in Cape Town was at the The Statues near to Scarborough. J


"Should we or should we not buy the giraffe sculpture?"  Thomas agonized and then decided against the purchase only because the shipping represented a major headache. I think his analogy of the problem was spot on!


We took this picture with the Lions Head, Camps Bay and Table Mountain in the background just before sunset


On our second day together we toured the winelands. These pictures were taken on the tour.

Thomas and Jan in the tasting room of Plasier de Merle


Thomas's dad is a keen strawberry grower and that meant that we could not resist taking this picture just outside Stellenbosch of  Thomas in front of what is probably the world's largest strawberry even though it is made of paper mache. J


This was a most enjoyable tour in which I might have shown much of Cape Town to Thomas and Jan but at the same time learnt much from them too with their keen and intuitive insight to the South Africa way of life


Received 28 March 2001


Well, we're home safe and sound. 

We really had a marvelous time with you. I'm quite confident that I now know more about the Cape area than many who have been there for their entire lives. A very big thanks goes out to you for enlightening us to be as such. We think that you are a pretty special person and tourguide.

Good luck with Walter and best regards to your wife.