The Goodman Family

Corpus Christi - Texas

6 July



I met the Goodman family ( Greg, Ada, Cullen, Gabe and Alexander) at the Cape Town airport late on the Friday night. They had been delayed by SAA and arrived in Cape Town 12 hours later than originally expected. As they were quite tired we went straight to  Craigrownie guesthouse where Sheena and Graham Magill were awaiting them so as to tuck them all into bed. JJJ

We toured on the Saturday and even though the weather did not always play the game with us we still saw some fabulous sites all along the Cape Peninsula.


Here the whole family pose for the camera at Muizenberg


Gabe got his own private seaside view at Simonstown J


We had some fabulous weather at the penguin colony as can be seen - To be honest it was raining. J


At Cape Point we saw the awesome rock cliff jutting into the ocean and not even the wind could deter us from doing this site seeing trip.


On the top of Cape Point we faced the fearsome wind and after finding the Corpus Christi direction we decided to take this photo simply to prove that we were there!

After the days touring we went up Signal Hill so as to see a very red Cape Sunset. Thereafter we went straight to the Africa Cafe where we had a wonderful African feast. Then it was off to bed as we had a very early start the next morning in that the Goodmans were on their way to go on an exciting safari in the Kalahari Desert.


A great tour with some of the friendliest Texans you could ever want to meet.

Received 27 July 2001

Dear Selwyn,

It was great to get your mail, we talked about you often on the remainder 
of our trip. Thank you for everything in Cape Town, we had the best time 
touring with you, you are a stitch!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being so nice to 
my family, the boys very much enjoyed the tour, which you know, boys can 
often not like the same things that the parents do, like touring. At one 
point we thought we lost the video from the Cape Town trip and the boys
 were about to murder their sweet little sister, however, thank goodness 
we found it!!

Out trip was more than we could have ever imagined, your country and it's 
people are so warm and friendly and the country so beautiful. We had a 
marvelous time, and want to thank you for your assistance in leaving the 
airport, we most likely would have not made that flight had you not been 
there. Thank you for corresponding with my family while we were in Africa, 
they very much appreciated it. I will write again very soon and tell you of our
 adventure, we just returned last evening and am still trying get settled.
Once again, thank you for your kindness and friendship.

Regards, Ada