Tim Hogel and Irina Korneeva

Miami - USA

8 December 2000

Tim and Irina arrived in South Africa from Miami on a Wednesday afternoon. A recurring eye injury plagued Tim on board the flight over to Cape Town and this resulted in him spending the first three days of being in Cape Town flat on his back in his apartment. Obviously both Tim and Irina were rearing to go when we started touring and our first day was in the Winelands.


With it being harvest season on the winelands Tim and Irina were able to taste grapes straight from the vine.


The juice from the grapes could also be sampled directly from the bottle in the wine tasting room (-:)



Tim and Irina enjoying the wonderful winelands at the old mill on Plasier de Merle


Irina yearning for her playful youth on the children's swing on Plasier de Merle


Tim and Irina stroking Inca while Vivian makes sure that the magnificent cheetah behaves himself.


Irina having fun while taking a break from videoing Eland at Clara Anna Fontein


Tim videoing a herd of Eland at Clara Anna Fontein


The Eland in the background feel left out as Tim and Irina video each other. (-:)


Irina says it time to take a break while Tim keeps the show rolling.