Otto and Sigrun Holmefjord

Bergen - Norway

1 February 2001


Otto and Sigrun Holmefjord arrived on Cape Town shores on the 1st of February for a 22 day tour of Cape Town, the Garden Route, Kwazulu Natal and the Mpumalanga area. Their tour was very nicely planned to incorporate days of touring followed by days of hiking and walking. These walks gave Otto and Sigrun an opportunity to enjoy our wonderful flora. Their first day was spent in the Cape Winelands and can you believe it that due to us changing vehicles in midstream (Sigrun felt more comfy in my minibus as opposed to my car) I accidentally left my digital camera in my car and we thus have no photos to show on the day.

Sigrun and Otto were accompanied by Denise Moody and my brother Robert on their walking days. Robert is responsible for the pictures taken on these days.

Otto, Sigrun and Denise exploring the Constantia Mountain area


3 happy hikers in the Constantia Mountains


Otto and Sigrun enjoying our wonderful Cape Flora


After action satisfaction - Picnic time on the Constantia mountain hike!


It was Sigrun's dream to find a Disa on the mountain - Here you see her dream come true. This was the only Disa that the group found while walking through the Constantia Mountains.


I think Sigrun's dream was worth chasing when you look at this lonely Disa that was found by the group.


On the first Saturday of Otto and Sigrun being in Cape Town we all went off to the Oude Libertas amphitheatre in Stellenboch  to see the dance performance "Tango del fugio". The evening of dance was not that good but the picnic beforehand was wonderful. Here my wife Bette, Christina, Andrew, Jill, Paul (all friends of ours) enjoy the picnic with Otto and Sigrun while the Simonsberge loom majestically behind us.


Enjoying the sights at Muizenberg while on the Cape Peninsula tour.


Enjoying the penguin colony


Otto making sure that the floral beauty at Cape Point will always be remembered by taking a close up photo while Sigrun oversees the event.


Having fun at "The Statues" near Scarborough


Holmefjord - Mount Nelson.jpg (99927 bytes)

Admiring the gardens of the Mount Nelson Hotel


Holmefjord - Company Gardens.jpg (53916 bytes)

Having lunch in the Company Gardens


Holmefjord - Lions Head.JPG (41680 bytes)

Resting after reaching the summit of Lions Head


Holmefjord - Table Mountauin.jpg (61613 bytes)

Taking a break under an overhang on Table Mountain while another hiker joins the photo shoot. (-:)


Holmefjord - Koeelbaai.jpg (51005 bytes)

Enjoying the wonderful views of Koeelbaai on the way to Hermanus


Holmefjord - Photographer.jpg (35023 bytes)

Whenever Sigrun said "I want a photo of that flower" the avid Mr.Photographer viz. Otto was always happy to oblige.


Holmefjord - Mouton.jpg (71140 bytes)

Enjoying pictures of Wynand Mouton's flowers


Holmefjord - Mouton1.jpg (69308 bytes)

Talking to Engela Mouton while meandering around the Mouton garden in Bettys Bay.


Holmefjord - Mouton2.jpg (65342 bytes)

The happy foursome enjoy the wonderful views of Bettys Bay from the Mouton garden


Holmfjord Buchu Bushcamp.JPG (146891 bytes)

A panoramic view of Buchu Bushcamp showing the Lapa (gathering place) and cottages where we stayed


Holmefjord - Buchu Bushcamp1.jpg (80257 bytes)

Rory Allardyce from Buchu Bushcamp takes a break to talk to Sigrun and Otto.


Holmefjord - Buchu sunset.jpg (47600 bytes)

Taking in a sunset over a glass of Chardonnay in front of my chalet at Buchu Bushcamp on the De Hoop nature reserve


Holmefjord - Kranshoek.jpg (84774 bytes)

While in Knysna we visited Kranshoek and hiked up and down the cliff face. This picture was taken at the bottom of the cliff.


Holmefjord - Storms River.jpg (74125 bytes)

This photo was taken while visiting the Storms River mouth omn the edge of the Garden Route


Holmefjord - Swartberge Otto.jpg (78265 bytes)

Otto is dwarfed by the visual scenery from the top of the Swartberge.


Holmefjord - Swartberge Sigrun.jpg (86102 bytes)

Sigrun is also dwarfed by the visual splendour from the top of the Swartberge.


Holmefjord - Sigrun Tree.jpg (65440 bytes)

No matter how much she tried to hide from us, even if it was in a tree, we always found Sigrun smiling. (-:)


Holmefjord - Overmeer L&R.jpg (69871 bytes)

Sigrun, Otto, Ludwig and Riette Fechter (Overmeer hosts) on the balcony of Overmeer Guesthouse

Overmeer view1.jpg (96908 bytes)

The view that Otto and Sigrun had to say goodbye to when leaving Overmeer in Knysna so as to travel on to Durban to continue their South African adventure.


This was a most enjoyable tour as the Holmfjords were such a wonderful couple to travel with. We sat at dinner tables discussing much of the lifestyle of South Africans as well as Norwegians. Whatever we did just worked out so well that all in all this tour will certainly go done as a great one in my books.  

Thanks Otto and Sigrun for being the wonderful human beings that you are.


Received 3 March 2001

Dear Selwyn

Thank you sincerely for a most wonderful stay in SA. This is my 1st ever attempt to send an email ! Today we got our photos which fortunately mostly were very good. We would like to say that the 15 days with you were just TOP ! Our sincerest thanks to you, Denise, Robert, and not to forget Bette. 
To stay at Avanti, Buchu and at Knysna was just great. To travel with John and Wendy was also nice, they were real good company. Unfortunately there was some rain and mist the last days, though not too much. The first local
guide, Kingsley, they had engaged for 2 days was excellent. 

During our whole stay in SA we felt exceptionally well taken care of, being spoilt would be more correct to say.

Once again thanks to you all.

Otto and Sigrun