Jim & Bianca Hooker

Colorado - USA

Doug & Joan Borcherdt

Wisconsin - USA

13 June 2001 


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I met Jim and Bianca at Cape Town airport as they flew in from Durban. We then had some juice at a local coffee shop as we waited for Doug and Joan to arrive from Vic Falls. Once the foursome were all assembled at the Cape Town airport we traveled to Camps Bay Terrace, met the owners of the guesthouse viz. Chris and Gila Marshall, unpacked and then went straight to The Africa Cafe for dinner as can be seen below.


Doug, Jim, Joan and Bianca enjoying an African feast at the Africa Cafe.



Day 1 - The Cape Peninsula

On our first day of touring we stopped in at Bessie O Shea. Judy Herbert also joined us for tea at Bessie's house. We all had a great morning talking about Kalk Bay and lots of other interesting subjects. Amongst other Bessie and Judy told us their life stories as they grew up in Kalk Bay.  Here we see Joan, Bessie, Jim, Judy. Bianca and Doug posing for the camera in Bessie's lounge.


We stopped in at the Kalk Bay harbor. The foursome share a photograph with a local fisherman and a couple of Red Roman fish. If anybody meets the foursome after this holiday and they tell you that they caught the fish rest assured they are telling a glorious fisherman's tall .tale. (-:)


Jim having fun with a primate playmate at Cape Point. Darwin eat your heart out! (-:)


The foursome at Cape Point


As the photo shows it started to get overcast as we left Cape Point but what it also says is "we were there!" (-:)


Both these photos depicting a fantastic Cape sunset were taken at Misty Cliffs. Straight after the taking of these fabulous photos a bottle of champagne was enjoyed by all.

After this we made our way back to Cape Town and had dinner at the Golden Jewel Restaurant in the Cape Town harbor.




Day 3 - The Cape Winelands


We traveled to the language Monument in Paarl as we made our way to the Winelands

Joan sporting her newly found Ama Shu Shus  (The Great Shoes)  that she bought at the Taal Monument curio shop.


The foursome are dwarfed by the huge, symbolic language monument 


The foursome pose with Bruno the farm dog on Seidelberg winefarm with the amazing winelands scenery in the background
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We stopped in at the winefarm Plaisier de Merle. Here we see Bianca and Jim in front of the old waterwheel on the farm


The foursome posing in front of the Manor House at Boschendal where we stopped in on our way back to Stellenbosch

We traveled on to Stellenbosch and stayed over at La Bri Manor for the following two evenings.
That evening we had dinner at the 96 Winery Road restaurant



Day 4 - Franschhoek


Jim and Bianca having fun at the Fransch Hoek Le Cotte Inn bottle store.


We then went off to Clos Cabriere farm where we were entertained by the inimitable Achim von Arnim who is the winemaker on the farm. After a cellar & vineyard tour he introduced us to the art of sabriage.


The sabriage procedure is started by Bianca 
with sword in hand and Achim
Bianca and Achim successfully dislodge the 
cork of the bottle of bubbly using a sabre

Achim's traditional kiss takes place

Wonderful Pierre Jourdan bubbly is enjoyed by all.


After our wonderful journey through Clos Cabriere we went to La Grange restaurant for lunch where we had our meal while sitting under a tree overseeing the wonderful Franschhoek valley.


As we were leaving Franschhoek Doug spotted a sign saying "Antiques" and suggested that we stop in at the shop displaying the signage. It turned out that there was a marvelous collection of corkscrews in the shop. Here we see Jeffrey, the charismatic shop owner with Bianca and Jim in front of the corkscrew display board.


We traveled back to Stellenbosch where we toured the town and had dinner at the Ocean Basket restaurant. 



Day 5 - Hermanus


While stopping in at Stoney Point we all got a good view of the penguins and cormorants in the penguin colony.


After visiting Hermanus and having lunch in the quaint village we traveled on to De Kelders where we spotted a whale splashing around in the bay.

We traveled back to Cape Town and after passing through a heavy storm got back to Camps Bay Terrace which would be the foursome's place of sty for their last 2 nights in Cape Town.



Day 6 - Kirstenbosch and Table Mountain



The foursome standing in front of one of the sculptures in Kirstenbosch named "The traveling family"


Doug and Joan hiding behind the Strelitzias (Birds of paradise) of Kirstenbosch


Before we ascended Table Mountain we all had lunch at Cafe Paradiso.


Table Mountain

Joan doing the "Titanic act" on Table Mountain


Bianca on Table Mountain

After an early night and some good sleep the foursome left Cape Town very early the next morning so as to move on to Zimbabwe where they were to view the solar eclipse on 21 June.


This was a fabulous tour. The foursome were so easy to travel with and were always full of fun and new ideas. We simply took things in our stride and just worked it all out as we traveled. The compatibility of all was such that a tour like this just had to be a winner and it truly turned out to be as such.

Bianca, Jim, Joan and Doug.

Thanks for all the fabulous fun