Steve Moriarty and friends

Boston - USA

18 March 2001


I met Steve on the internet when I helped him arrange accommodation for himself and his buddies while they were in Cape Town. Everybody was here on a very intensive one week study program at the Graduate School of Business at UCT and when the week was over it was time to play and together we toured the Cape Peninsula as well as the Winelands. To see what happened to us take a look at the pictures as they do the talking for themselves.

After leaving Camps Bay Terrace we toured Sea Point extensively and then we traveled on to the Southern Suburbs. We had lunch a very interesting lunch at Pollsmoor Prison. - No pictures from this venue as cameras are not allowed in the high security area..

After lunch we moved on to the False Bay area.

On our first day we passed through Boyes Drive overlooking False Bay. Here Steve, Eric, Luiz, Ted, Anne and Chris make their presence felt for the camera.


On our way to Simonstown Ann and Luiz had a fight J and the Moriarty posse came to town! 


At Cape Point Chris decided to let us know that he was enjoying himself. Please note that he decided to do this on a trashcan. J


Not to be outdone by Chris, Eric decided to take the Cape Point lighthouse in hand.


The whole group enjoying the stunning view of the cliff at Cape Point


On our way back to Cape Town we stopped to take this photo with the Hout Bay harbour area in the background.


We stopped outside Noordhoek beach so as to watch a fantastic Cape sunset


On our second day we went to Plasier de Merle where we spent a great 2 hours tasting wines and enjoying the fabulous views and gardens on the farm

This is not too clear a photo however it was taken in the Plasier de Merle oak barrel cellar. If you saw how many barrels there were in the cellar then you would understand why the photo is so dark


After Plasier de Merle we went to Boschendal for lunch. We then went to Hillcrest farm for berries and ice cream dessert. Then we went to Stellenbosch, Kaya Mandi and the Cheetah farm. To our disappointment when we arrived back in Cape Town we found that Table Mountain cableway had been closed due to heavy winds so we took the second option of going to see sunset from Signal Hill d then ended the evening at Bloemers Kosteater where we had traditional Afrikaner type food.


All in all a great tour was had by all.


Received 21 March 2001


Monica and I are completely blown away by the beautiful scrapbook that you assembled to document our tour. I'm going to make this a short message as the jetlag is knawing at my head. We are truely blessed to have found such a wonderful person as yourself to show us your pearl (Cape Town). It was two days spent not soon to be forgotten. Second to none!

I'll tell you a funny story. We went down to the Sea Rescue Store on the waterfront Tuesday to get a T-Shirt. I boasted to the woman at the counter that we had witnessed the flare incident. She said that a very excited gate attendant at the park had phoned her to report the incident. She referred him to another rescue group out closer to the scene. I guess we really were responsible for the initial report. 

Good going Selwyn. 

I too have problems with good-byes. I prefer to think that it's a goodbye for now. 

South Africa will be held close to my heart. 



Received 21 March 2001

Dear Selwyn:

Thanks so much for the photos. The group all agrees that the two days we spent with you were by far our best experience. Some of the experiences we had with you we could never have done. The prison, African restaurant, township, etc. were all such valuable experiences. The photos are GREAT!

Please do keep in touch and let us know of the progress in SA. It is such a wonderful country with wonderful, warm people. I will hope and pray the government and people can pull it all together!

Thanks again!

Received 22 March 2001


What a wonderful trip. You truly have a magnificent country, and I wish we could have spent a few more days touring with you. My wife and I take tours whenever and wherever we travel to, and I can honestly say, you are the BEST!!

I will be recommending your country to anyone who will listen to me, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks again, 



Received 29 March 2001


Hello Selwyn, I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I will say that you made my trip to South Africa memorable. Studying at the GBS @ UCT  was an experience in itself, but spending the time touring with you was  awesome. I wouldn't have had the number of stories to tell if I hadn't done this- lunch at the prison, the township, African restaurant, your restaurant recommendations, baboons, cheetahs, Plaisir de Merle, I could go on and on.

The website you put up for our group is wonderful as well, great job. I would like to come back to your country with my family and quite possibly do the safari thing too. Please keep in touch.

Thank you so much, Steve 


Received 29 March 2001

Hi Selwyn,

I just want to say thank you so very much once again for your super job. I know you are on the right track, and your tour business is definitely positioned in the right direction.

Personally, I also felt difficulty in saying good-bye... I hope to go back soon.

What a beautiful country!

Let's keep in touch.