Roisin Mynett & Mary Dowling

England and Ireland - but they both are Irish! J

20 April 2001


I met Roisin and Mary at the apartment of Roisin's daughter Fiona a week before we started touring. We discussed what we had in mind to do on the Garden Route and we took the below picture from Fiona's apartment in Green Point to start off this page.


Roisin, Mary and Fiona with the Green Point stadium in the background.


On Friday 20 April I fetched Roisin and Mary at Fiona's apartment and we started out on our Garden Route adventure. We had a wonderful drive down to Knysna as the landscapes were very green and lush which was quite unusual for the area. Here are some pictures taken as we travelled.


Mary and Roisin facing a stiff breeze while admiring the wonderful scenery on top of the Sir Lowry's Pass.


While stopping in at the Aloe factory in Albertinia, Roisin and Mary decided to do some shopping for some of the aloe products in the shop. Here Roisin is contemplating a buy while Mary takes a careful look at a prospective purchase.

After arriving in Knysna we settled in at Overmeer where we met Ludwig and Riette Fechter. 

Mary and Roisin on the wonderfully scenic balcony of Overmeer overlooking the Knysna lagoon

In the evening we joined Sandy and Abdel Rouhmani at their wonderful restaurant, La Loerie, for dinner.




On our second day we went to the Belvidere Estate and Brenton on Sea. Here Mary and Roisin are seen standing in front of the small church at Belvidere.


Roisin and Mary overlooking the Knysna lagoon from the road that took us to Brenton on Sea


We travelled to the Wilderness and passed The Serpentine and Hoekwil. Then we went into the forest and saw the great yellowwood tree. In the above picture we see Mary and Roisin in front of the tree and in the below picture the dimensions of the tree are displayed.


After travelling back to Knysna we stopped in at the Waterfront and had lunch at Mario's coffee bar.


After lunch we travelled to Plettenberg Bay and stopped at the St.Andrews Church so as to see the wonderful yellowwood building built by Henry Newdigate.

That night we went to "Changes" for dinner - A wonderful evening was had by all.


DAY 3.


We packed up and bid Ludwig and Riette farewell so as to start our journey to Oudshoorn and the Swarberge (Black Mountains)

This picture was taken at one of the lookout points on the mountain


After arriving in Prince Albert we took this picture with the Swartberge in the background.


While in Prince Albert Rosion and Mary did some shopping for mohair at the Prince of Africa gift shop.


After Prince Albert we travelled via Meiringpoort to Thylitsia Guesthouse where we were welcomed by Thys Du Toit.

That night we had a candlelight ostrich dinner at Thylitshia



Mary made friends with the local farm dog - Basil


After breakfast we all got on to the back of the pickup truck and Thys (jnr) took us on a tour of his ostrich and wine farm.


Thys explaining the different wines on the farm to Mary and Roisin when suddenly look what happened when Thys  (snr) arrived on the scene and hastily placed what he had in his hands in Roison and Mary's clutches.....


Roisin and Mary with the 1 week old ostriches that Thys brought along.


Roisin caringly holding the baby ostrich


Mary holding her little ostrich in the correct manner viz. by the neck.

Then it was hometime!!

We left Thyletitia and travelled to Mossel Bay and then to Albertinia where we visited the home of good food namely the Albertinia Hotel. While having lunch in the hotel we befriended our neigbouring table at which Piet, Ria and young Driekus Visagie were having lunch. Before we knew it Piet, in typical South African hospitable fashion, asked us to sleep over at his house on his farm that evening. We seriously thought about taking up the offer as Piet was being 100% serious about his actions. Eventually we declined the offer and thanked him for his wonderful hospitality.

Ria, Mary, Roisin, Piet and young Driekus pose for the camera in the Albertinia Hotel.


This was a wonderful tour.  Roisin, Mary and I shared many thoughts well into the late hours of every night over wonderful meals. We also had excellent service wherever we went. We had a great adventure on the tour with the Swartberge being a major talking point after the event and most important to us all was the fact that we saw the wonderful Garden Route in all its splendor.

For making this tour such a memorable event a BIG THANKS goes to:

Ludwig and Riette at Overmeer
Sandy and Abdul Rouhmani at La Loerie
The staff of Changes Restaurant in Knysna
Jeffery at Belvidere Manor
The Du Toit family at Thyletitia
Piet,  Ria and Driekus Visagie


Received 6 May 2001

Hi Selwyn,

I arrived home safely but unfortunately got separated from Mary at Heathrow Airport because passport control wouldn't let us back through to say goodbye! As you say - cest la vie!

Thank you for your all your care and personal attention during the tour, it was very much appreciated. It was a wonderful trip and I shall spend many happy hours relating my experiences to the rest of the family. In 
particular my experience of the Swartberg Mountains was truly memorable.

Got to go now as I am jet lagged, but I will be in touch later!