The Golden Girls

(Joy Philips and her friends)

 Cape Town and England

26 February 2001


After meeting Joy and her husband Chris I was introduced to Hazel (Haze) and Maggie (Mags). Joy was treating her friends of longstanding (Haze 45 years) and Mags (8 years) to a special tour while they were staying with her in Cape Town. What a day we had together. Wow! It was absolutely wonderful with the typical Cape Town weather obliging so as to help make the day a very special one.

We first travelled along the Constantia Road to Hout Bay. Thereafter we travelled along the Atlantic Seaboard. We followed this with a trip up Signal Hill and then down to the Mount Nelson Hotel. After "The Nellie" we travelled through the centre of Cape Town  where I unleashed many hidden secrets on the threesome who had now adopted the name of "The Golden Girls" J

After touring Cape Town we travelled out to Clara Anna Fonteyn where I took "The Golden Girls" on a game drive. We then sat down to have a quiet picnic right in the middle of the farmlands amongst all the animals a la "Out of Africa" style. At about 18h00 we decided it was time to return home.

What a day this was. WOW! I reckon the Golden Girls enjoyed the day as much as I did and guess what it was so awesome an event t that I actually forgot to snap pictures along the way. I did however manage to get two photos and here they are.


A panoramic view of the Golden Girls with Camps Bay and the 12 Apostles in the background


Mags, Joy and Haze enjoying a picnic lunch on Clara Anna Fonteyn with Viljoen who works on the farm.
Dont think that the Golden Girls did not quietly ask me what Viljoens age was. J


This was a fabulous day!