The Bible family

Aberdeen - Scotland

17 December 2002

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I met the wonderful Bible family at The Grainger where they were staying and we immediately proceeded to do our Winelands tour


We stopped in Cape Town where I took this picture of Sam, Ben and Matt admiring a pristine Studebaker Hawk parked over the road from the Biltong Shop

Sam, Will and Ben flanked by the shop assistants of the biltong Shop show off the biltong and sausage that was made on the premises

We travelled on to a Butterfly Farm in the Winelands where the following pictures were taken.

Ben pets an Iguana


Will and Ben having fun with stick spiders



The whole family pose at the Butterfly farm

Checking out the spiders.


Sam does a fun photo. J


Sam, Will and Ben at the top of the Franschhoek Valley

We stopped at Gideons Pancake house where Will gave us a demonstration of how to devour pancakes  J


What a meal! JJJ


We travelled to the Cheetah foundation where the above picture was taken with Nyana while Vivian from the foundation made sure that all was well. J


We then travelled on to Kayamandi where amongst others the pictures will show that an important soccer match took place in the township. J






We travelled back to Cape Town and enjoyed sunset from the top of Signal Hill where the below pictures were taken.

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After sunset we travelled to the Africa Cafe where we had a great African feast

Sam enjoys chicken sesame.........

Ben gets caught out with the teaspoon trick........

........and Will shows us that he had a fun filled day!


The Bible Family were absolutely amazing to travel with.  Ben, Sam and Will were a fun a minute combination while Tere and Matt simply came along and enjoyed the ride with us. J At one stage Will said, "Boy this was a fun filled day where we did lots of things" and believe me he was 100% correct. What a fabulous day this truly was.




Received 2 January 2002

Hi Selwyn,

We had a great time as well. Thank you very much for your guidance 
and company. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Port Elizabeth was nice, and Victoria Falls was fantastic. Where we 
stayed was really cool, very authentic "Africa". Lots of bugs in our 
cottage, much to Sam's horror, but it had the grass roof and it was 
in a beautiful setting. We had warthogs and monkeys right to our 
door and the kids were able to relax and run around playing soccer 
and swimming. Ben gave his new soccer ball Will had given him for 
Christmas to a missionary family there and they enjoyed mixing with 
the locals.

Unfortunately, the Zimbabwe situation is so bad. I probably would not 
have stayed for 3 nights, or even one possibly, had I realized. But, 
we are glad we experienced it, and probably appreciate things more 
for the experience.

You know the township tour made a big impression on us, especially 
the kids. They wanted to go back. Yesterday, as we were driving near 
our house, there is an acre or two of land set apart for community 
gardening. Samantha said it reminded her of the township. Indeed, it 
was quite messy and several tin shacks were built to keep supplies 
in. Will and Sam said they wished there was one there so we could 
visit them. Will's plan was that some could come stay with us a week 
at a time. Sam said it should be every two weeks, because we would 
need a week to clean and get it ready for the next group.

We made it home safely but Will unfortunately lost his great hat we 
got in Franschhoek. He must have left it on the plane or shuttle bus, 
in Johannesburg, and we called not more than an hour after we got 
off, but it was already gone. That was a shame and he was sorry he 
lost it, but at least we have lots of great pictures.

Speaking of pictures, my family and friends enjoyed the website and seeing us 
on tour. They loved the pictures of Will and the pancakes as well.

A big thank you to you, Selwyn, and remember, if you ever make it 
this way, you are welcome in our home.

May you and yours have a wonderful New Year full of blessings.

Tere Bible

P.S. I was serious about trying to do a little fundraiser for the 
township with my Girl Scout group. Please let me know how to go about 
sending a check. I guess money is the best route. I think 
goods/clothes/toys would be harder to get there. I like the idea of 
the computer connection as well. I know my girls would like to 
communicate if you get connected. Anyway, good luck with all you are 
doing there. You, Kayamandi, and your country will be in our prayers.