Hal & Suzanne Bickham
Ricjard and JoanGraybill
Leslie Orton
Helen Skvaza

Florida, South Carolina & Washington DC - USA

21 October 2002

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I met this happy group at the V&A hotel for a day tour into the winelands. Everyone in the group had been traveling on trains through Southern Africa for quite a long period and they seemed to be very happy to have a happy tranquil day in the Cape Winelands.


Hal, Richard, Joan, Suzanne, Lori and Helen posing in front of the greater Cape Town area
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We travelled on to Kayamandi where the next pictures show how much all enjoyed our visit to the township.



We stooped in at Shumi Ndlebe where all enjoyed what Shumi had to tell them about her life in Kayamandi.


Thombi Mkwasa stopped us on a street corner and spontaneously invited us in to taste her vetkoek and umbakwa (Fat cakes and steamed pot bread)


We then travelled into Stellenbosch where we toured the town by car and foot and had lunch at the Blue Orange Restaurant


After our visit to Stellenbosch we went to the Cheetah Foundation at Spier where amongst others Hal and Suzanne had fun with the baby cheetahs.

Joan petting Joseph at the Cheetah Foundation




After our stop at Spier it became a case of "chasing the sun" to see a Cape Sunset and we eventually landed up at Rust and Vrede winefarm where I took the above picture a\of the whole group enjoying mampoer in a fading Cape sunset.

This was a great day tour into the winelands and I do believe that the whole group enjoyed our tour as much as I did. All in all a great experience with our visit to Kayamandi being a highlight of the day.

Received 24 October 2002

Dear Selwyn,

Again I want to thank you for the tour your gave us, the photos are
great. By the way, I found my memory sticks with all my digital photos.
They were in a pocket in my vest! That's where I thought they were
supposed to be. I must have checked the vest at least a dozen times,
but did not find them until 10 minutes before we left for the airport.
Too many pockets!

Hal Bickham


Dear Selwyn,

Just want to thank you for the beautiful day in Cape Town and especially 
Kayamandi that I enjoyed very much. I am sure that if we were touring with 
anybody else would not experienced this part of Africa. Looking at the 
picture at your web site brought again beautiful memories.

Thanks again



Dear Selwyn,

I am long overdue in sending you thanks for the wonderful tour that you gave  to me and my friends last October. I am so glad that I found you on the web and that Hal was able to make our arrangements. I will always remember the children of Kayamandi and of course, ending the day sipping mampoer at sunset!  What a special way to see Cape Town.

I want to wish you much happiness and good health in 2003.
Kindest regards,
Leslie Orton