Thom, Jan, Matt and Catie Freddo 

Boston - USA

13 August 2003

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It was wonderful to meet Thom and Jan once again as we had travelled together in Cape Town once before. This time round their children Matt and Catie were also in Cape Town and this resulted in a whole new wonderful perspective to our Cape Peninsula tour.



We started off our day by traveling to Kalk Bay where I tool this picture of the whole family with St.James's beach in the background. 


We stopped in at the Kalk Bay Treasure Mile so as to do some shopping. Here we see Catie in one of the many stores on the "mile"


After walking the Treasure mile we visited the Money Tree Cafe for wonderful lemon meringue and Rooibos tea.


We travelled through Simonstown and on to the Penguin colony where I tool this picture of Jan and Catie


We purchased some rootie (Cape Malay wrap) in Simonstown and made our way to Bordjiesrif where we had lunch on the rocks. I took the above picture of the Freddo family after lunch.

The Freddo's on Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope and Diaz Beach in the background


Yes we did make it to the Cape of Good Hope. JJ


Catie and Matt on the edge of the Cape of Good Hope


After Cape Point we stopped in at "The Statues" where I took this photo of Catie and her hippo. JJ


Matt and Catie pose for a great fun picture at The Statues


We made our way back to Cape Town. That evening we visited the Africa Cafe where my wife Bette joined us for a wonderful African feast.

The Freddo's were a fantastic family to travel with. The way that I want to remember them is so well typified in the photo of them at the Cape of Good Hope. The photo typifies their character as a family in that they stand together as a family and enjoy each others company as they discover new places of the world.  I do believe that a memorable time was had by all and who knows maybe one day this globetrotting family will pay our great city another visit. I for one sincerely hope so.