Bente Wiborg 


5 September 2003

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I met up with Bente at the Arabella Sheraton in Cape Town and as it was the second time that we had met it was wonderful to see her once again. On our previous tour in Cape Town we had travelled around the Cape Peninsula so this time round Bente wanted to become acquainted with the townships in South Africa with a specific target being to find it more about community nursing in the townships as she herself is a community nurse back home in Norway.

We started out our tour by going through the history of South Africa that led up to the townships. We then visited some of the historical spots in the relevant history and moved on to Kayamandi.


I took the following two pictures of Bente at the Afrikaans Taal Monument in Paarl

Bente posing with our national flower the King Protea


Bente being dwarfed by the language monument.


Bente with members of the Kayamandi Craftwork project.


Handing out apples to children with the aid of Mzwake in Kayamandi.


Mzwake telling Bente more about his church (The Water Church) in Kayamandi.


Fun times in Kaya! JJ


Bente discussing bead making with the ladies at the Prochorus Beading project


We travelled to the Kayamandi Clinic where Bente spent a lot of time talking to Dudu Ndlebe (in picture) who is a community nurse at the clinic. Both Bente and I learnt a lot about nursing in the township. All in all a fascinating experience.


Bente with a young friend at the Ikamva Lethu Centre


We met up with Shumi Ndlebe in her home. How we see Bente an Shumi together.


Our last stop in Kayamandi was at Mzwake's home where the above picture was taken of his family comprising of his wife Nosiwe and his two brothers.

After our trip to Kayamandi we left Stellenbosch and made our way back to Cape Town.

It was fabulous travelling with someone who was so understanding of our situation in South Africa as Bente was. She brought much to the table with her own thoughts and ideas which made her visit to Kaya such an interesting one for me. The knowledge we gained at the Kaya clinic was new to me and this in its own made my trip to the township so worthwhile with Bente. The only pity of this all was that Bente's husband Lars could not join us on the day as he was committed to work appointments in the morning. Who knows as this could happen next time when this wonderful couple visit Cape Town.....JJJ.



Received 10-9-2003

Dear Selwyn!

Thank you so much for such a great time with you to Kayamandi.  It`s hard to describe for me in English but
I will try....The trip to Kayamandi gave me a lot of thoughts and knowledge. In the evening after the trip we had a banquet dinner at Kelvin Grove. Very nice really, but it was hard to see all that food we was served and thinking about the hungry and poor people. The South African folks I met at the congress were really interested in what I had seen that day. That gave me the opportunity to tell them about this special day for me at Kayamandi and what you told me. THANK YOU AGAIN! 

Lars and I would really like to give some money to children so they can get some fruit and soup. You told me about a project; Is it possible for us to help? We already have a little boy in Senegal but It feels right to help the children in Kayamandi since Iīve been there. 

Lars and me wants to come back to SA in the future and will of course contact you then!! We donīt know when, but It will be some day.  

Bye for now 

Best regards from Bente Wiborg.