The world's best sea cottage

Location (CV) = My secret    


I found this cottage by sheer chance and it has turned out to be one of the most amazing places that I have ever stayed at. My visitors who have stayed at CV ( as I will secretly label this hideaway ) simply have not wanted to leave when staying there.

The cottage is 3 kilometers from any other source of humanity. It is right on the sea where one can go paddling amongst the rocks in the warm 21 degrees Celsius Indian Ocean. The cottage is located on a nature reserve and is at a point where Bartholomew Diaz was spotted in his caraval boat in 1488 on its way to Mossel Bay while trying to find the spice route to India.

When one stays at CV you are on your own with nature yet you have a wonderful place to stay in the form of the cottage next to the sea. The views from the cottage are phenomenal to say the very least. There are fantastic walks that one can take through the nature reserve and along the sea. There is a nearby beach where one can swim as well as wonderful white sanded slopes where one can sand ski. There also are facilities where one can go deep sea fishing and close to the cottage one can snorkel in the waters and watch the local fish population. Another fascinating find are old Khoi fish traps made out of rocks close to the beach where one can walk to and can still see fish in the traps. During the period July - early October one can generally spot Southern Right whales all frolicking off the beach area right beside the cottage.

The owners of the cottage have a wonderful staff working for them and this results in the fact that the cottage is very efficiently serviced on a daily basis with a highlight of a stay at the cottage being when Katerina and Pieter prepare a real traditional South African meal which is enjoyed around a fire by those who stay at the cottage.

All in all this wonderful  place is a secret that I will only share with those who tour with me as it has taken me many years to find and most important to me is that I don't want to see hundreds of visitors taking over the venue and spoiling it in the process.

With all of the above said if you want to enjoy CV come tour with me and you will experience the most magnificent 2-3 days of your entire life.


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When one arrives at CV you are greeted by the above very relevant sign which sets the pace of your stay JJ


The below 4 pictures are the first far away to eventually right up to the cottage views that one sees when arriving at CV






The following panoramic photographs are taken of the bay surrounding the cottage at CV
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The following 3 pictures are of the patio and its views at CV
(Two of the pictures  are  with some of my guests who have traveled with me in the past) 


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Enjoying a traditional Cape meal on the patio at night


The inside of the cottage lounge and kitchen area
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The kitchen area


Fun in front of the fireplace


Enjoying a wonderful traditional meal in front of the fire on a windy night with the sea roaring away just outside the front door.



The main bedroom with the main bathroom depicted in the next 2 photos






The second bedroom


The third bedroom


The second bathroom area downstairs


A view of the upstairs area from the lounge
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Part of the upstairs bedroom area


The rest of the upstairs bedroom area.


The view from upstairs


Another view from the cottage


The upstairs bathroom area


Below are some of pictures of some of the utensils that are available in the cottage










Finally all I can say is that this is one of the most special places I have ever visited in all my years of traveling.