Otto Vaaci

Adina and Tal Barchana


6 October 2001


I met up with Otto, Adina (Otto's daughter) and Tal (Adina's daughter) at their South African friend's (Chrystal) house in Heldervue. We decided on trying to see a much a posible of Cape Town with Table Mountain being a "must see" visit.

We left Heldervue and travelled on to the Cheetah Foundation at Spier where Viv very kindly let us in early so that Adina and Tal could have fun petting Inca.

Adina petting Inca while Viv keeps an eye on the proceedings


Tal decided that if her mom could pet Inca so could she. J


Adina, Tal Inca and Viv


We travelled on to Cape Town and after driving through the city we went up to the cableway and ascended Table Mountain.


Tal, Adina and Otto standing on the Table Mountain precipice


Tal decided to have French toast in the coffee shop while we were on Table Mountain; The toast turned out to be fried fish in that for some or other the signs above the toast were very confusing. One thing is for sure an that was was that Tal made the right move in selection and I think the restaurant was in the wrong. Anyway Tal decided that fried fish laden with sugar was not a great meal to enjoy and it seems as if her expression says just that. J.

After our journey up Table Mountain we went down into the Waterfront where we spent quite some time in the aquarium. After that we wandered around in the craft shops of the waterfront and then had some lunch at the Spur Steakhouse. After lunch we returned back to Heldervue.

The pictures below were taken in the Waterfront Aquarium.


Otto decided to do some photography of his own in the aquarium.


Look at the reflection of Adina and Tal in the tank window in the above photo.


Tal decided that it is safer to hang on to mom wit a shark in the area. J


Dont be mistaken as this is not Tal; This is a photo of my niece Marisa whom I thought was a Tal look-alike when she was 12 years old. I promised Adina I would show the likeness on this website. J J


All in all this was a splendid day. Otto was  most interesting man who told me all ranging from  his life in Transylvania, his ability to cook Hungarian food a well as his incredible stamp collection. It was fascinating to hear all that he had to say. All in all we really had a great day in the Cape Town area.

Thanks for the wonderful company Otto, Adina and Tal