Dave and Margeret Bramley 

Barry Heys

Derbyshire UK

14 October 2001


I met Dave, Margaret and Barry at the Table Bay Hotel after touring with Trevor Cross and his group from Hepworth Heating the previous day. Dave, Margaret and Barry were also part pf the Hepworth Heating group however they were very special people in the group as Dave and Barry had been invited onto the tourgroup by their fellow employees votes. When the Hepworth Heating group saw this happen they offered to send Margeret along to Cape Town too. The Hepworth Heating group have a new policy in place with their staff an in my opinion they must be a fabulous company to work for after all that Dave and Barry told me about them. They certainly are employees who their company can be proud of when you listen to how they praise their working situation.

Margeret is  lady who has suffered with Krohns disease for much of her life and I must tell you that she is probably the bravest traveller who has ever toured with me. What positive energy she generates! She was an absolute inspiration to have in the vehicle with me. It was also amazing to see how Dave constantly cared for Margeret. Talk about true love. Wow!  

Because of the enormous success of my tour the day before with Trever Cross and his group we decided to go to Hermanus to see the whales and my word did we see whales? They popped up everywhere and all in all we had a wonderful day in the quaint village.  We took the following photos on the day.


Dave, Margaret and Barry at the Kleinmond Hotel pool


The threesome standing in front of the Kleinmond beach


The whale watching begins!


The view over Walker Bay in Hermanus
Please use arrow keys to view this panoramic picture


Dave taking one of his many pictures of whales in the Walker Bay area


These three folk were amongst the most humble people I have ever had on tour with me. They were wonderful to have in the vehicle as company and what more can I say other than "a HUGE THANK YOU from me Barry, Dave and Margeret for simply being who you are and what you stand for"


Received 19 October 2001


Hi Selwyn 

We trust the knee is ok . You gave us such a special day never to be
forgotten and we cannot thank you enough, the website is fantastic and you
are a very special person yourself. We look forward to keeping in touch with
you. Will  be in touch soon when photos are developed.

Thanks Selwyn.

Dave and Margeret



Hello Selwyn, 

I have to say that you are one great guy, you have a fantastic passion and 
enthusiasm for your country. We cannot thank you enough for making our day with you "extra Special". Memories of our trip to Cape Town, and the surrounding area will stay with us forever.

I also would like to say a huge thank you to Dave and Margaret for letting me 
into their lives, and spending time with them both was an absolute pleasure.
I can honestly say that they both enriched my life, not only for the time we 
spent in in Cape Town, but always.

A final thank you Selwyn you certainly have three ambassadors here in the 
United Kingdom, and of course I hope the knee operation all went well.

Best Regards



Received 24 December 2001


Hello there,

My name is Jodie. I am David & Margaret Bramleys daughter. Just thought that I would drop you a line of thanks for making their time in Cape Town extra special. We all hope you have had a good Xmas & have a great New Year. Thanks once more!!!!! 

Bye for now Jodie Montgomery