Christina Cheau  Jean Soong
London Kuala Lumpur

Arthur Chong 

4 January 2002

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I met Christina, Arthur and Jean at Cape Town airport as they timed their flights to perfection to arrive simultaneously in Cape Town even though they all came from different parts of the world. This immediately told me how experienced travellers this threesome of friends  truly was. We first went on a short ride through the Atlantic Seaboard area and had a light lunch at The Radisson hotel before I took them to Lanie van Renen's Welgelegen guesthouse. 


The next day was our first day of touring and we went on a Peninsula tour.  We stopped for lunch at the Harbour House restaurant in Kalk Bay and then travelled on to Simonstown.


The threesome at Cape Point


A risky seat (-:) is taken by all on Table Mountain


Arthur show his top of the world exclamation while on Table Mountain

On our second day of touring we went t the Cape Winelands.


Jean, Arthur and Christina in front of Fredericksburg on the Rupert and Rothschild farm


Jean, Arthur, Christina are led through a tasting by the delightful Linda Goliath of R&R.


Jean amongst the beautiful flowers in the garden of Plaisir de Merle.


Christina looking very happy at Plaisir de Merle.


Having fun on the lawns of Plaisir de Merle

We then went off to the cheetah foundation on the Spier winefarm. The threesome went into the pens where Vivian introduced them all to Niyana. As can be seen from the 3 rd picture at one point Niyan decided to wave a tail in Arthur's face and it led to much fun from the point of view of the onlooker.


We then travelled on to the Rust and Vrede winefarm where we had a great winetasting and spent some time in the beautiful gardens of the winefarm. The following pictures were taken and everybody made some drinkable purchases from the farm. (-:) 


On our third day of touring we left everything to be an open agenda excepting for the fact that we were definitely planning on visiting Kaya Mandi for the day.

We started off our morning on the Greenmarket Square where the following pictures were taken.


We then travelled on to Stellenbosch where we went for a traditional meal to the Volkskombuis Restaurant. (Nations kitchen restaurant)



After the Volkskombuis we went to the winefarm Amani where we took this photo of the threesome and the spectacular view of the Stellenbosch winelands.


After our trip to Amani we made our way to our main goal of the day viz. Kaya Mandi. Here we see Christina, Jean, Armstrong, Moses and Arthur in front of Moses's house.


In the washrooms of Kaya Mandi


Christina holding one of the children of Maria Bossie's crèche.


Maria, Arthur and  Jean enjoy the children of Maria's crèche while Christian and Armstrong go into debate.


The threesome with some of the children of Kaya Mandi


Armstrong joins the threesome and some of the children of Kaya Mandi


This was the last picture that we took in Kaya Mandi where we see Arthur, Christina, Armstrong and Jean in front of the marvelous view that one gets from the township.

Arthur, Christina and Jean were very interesting people to travel with in that they had seen much of the world themselves and that they were such highly experienced travellers. They continuously had an inquisitive attitude as to what was happening around them and that made the tour a great one for me. Arthur and Jean left Cape Town earlier than Christina who had a wedding to attend in the Cape Town area. After dropping Arthur and Jean off at the airport and saying goodbye to the two of them I took Christina on to her next place of stay and we had some lunch at Hazendal restaurant on the way. Over lunch Christina and I looked back over our tour and in retrospect I realised how enjoyable this whole tour was mainly because of the easy going attitude of this wonderful young, adventurous threesome.

What more can I say other than a
Christina, Jean and Arthur.

Received 15 January 2002

Dear Selwyn

Your e-mail was indeed a much welcomed e-mail to receive on my first day back in the office. I really enjoyed looking at the photographs and
reminiscing about our trip to Cape Town. What a great city and in many ways, I do envy you living and working in such a spectacular environment.

We discussed the many highlights of our trip among ourselves and our time with you on Table Mountain certainly ranked as one of our favorites and of course, the cheetah foundation and Kaya Mandi. 

Selwyn, I would like to personally thank you again for showing us a great time. Your wealth of information and knowledge of South Africa was a highlight to me in itself and your efforts in providing us with a cell phone, meeting us and sending us to the airport, water in the car, etc were greatly appreciated.

I'm sure our paths will cross again soon as my parents are now eager to make a trip to Cape Town. 

You will be hearing from me!

Kind Regards


Received 1 February 2002

Dear Selwyn, 

I apologise that it has taken me this long to extend my thanks to you for your generous time and hospitality over and beyond what we could have hoped for. The wedding at Langverwacht  was unsurprisingly beautiful, helped in no small part by the setting. I am still acting as unofficial ambassador of Cape Town's wonderful attractions. Like Arthur, it is also my hope that I can bring my parents to visit before too long. 

I hope you are well and keeping up your good work in promoting SA. 

My best wishes,