Larry Cohen

Boston -  USA

3 September 2001


I met Larry at the Leeuwenvoet Guest House where he was staying for three nights. He was a fabulous, very experienced and knowledgeable traveler to have in the vehicle with me as we toured the Cape Peninsula and Winelands area. We went to many places that all generated some excitement for us both. Larry was the sort of traveler who was not very keen to want to share the photos of his travels with others hence you see only 4 very special photos that I took of him while we traveled around Cape town.



The above tow photos show Larry taking pictures of the restios plantation in Kirstenboch.
Notice the wonderful early morning dew drops on the plants


This photo was taken in the Waterfront Aquarium.  Take a look at the reflection of Larry's face in the tunnel window.


Larry admiring the great white sharks in the aquarium


All in all this tour was a very interesting one because of Larry's continuous questioning and wanting to understand how South Africa was tackling its problems and what could be done about this.

Fascinating tour.