Ann & Clive Beresford
Margaret & Jim Aspey
Jean Wilson

York - England

22 January 2002

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I met the A5 (Awesome 5) at the Cape Town airport after their plane had been delayed by 3 hours out of Amsterdam. It was a mistake for me to have assumed that they would be tired as they seemed to be raring to go from the minute that they put foot on Cape Town soil. We travelled to Redbourne Hilldrop where the guesthouse hosts viz. Sharon and Johnny Levin were awaiting our arrival. We had some drinks and chatted away for about an hour. I then left the A5 and returned at 20h30 so as to collect all to go to the Jewel Tavern for a great Chinese dinner.   


Here we see Jean, Selwyn, Margaret, Jim, Ann and Clive posing for the camera at the Golden Jewel. Ann is busy speaking to Mark in Durban who had phoned us just before we decided to have the photo taken.


 Mark shows a face of astonishment as the local Cape Town Wizard predicts his thoughts for him. J

23 January 2002

Peninsula Tour


We stopped in at the Mount Nelson Hotel where we walked around the establishment and had tea and scones.


Jean wandering in the Nellie's gardens


On our way out of Cape Town we went to Morris's Boerewors shop where we saw how Sheila makes biltong.

We travelled on to Kirstenbosch gardens where we first visited the Kirstenbosch Shop and then took a short walk in the Gardens. Along the way we took the below pictures.

Jean checks if that is Margeret under the hat! J

Please use your arrow keys to view this wonderful Panoramic picture taken in Kirstenbosch Gardens


We stopped in at The Salty Dog for a fish and chips lunch.


At Cape Point we could not resist taking this picture with the baboon behind Clive not even caring about us. J


Slowly does it as the A5 contemplate the sheer cliff at Cape Point. J


Clive and Ann give us a wave from the top of the Point


Ann just saves Clive from jumping off the top. J J J


At "The Statues" near to Scarborough Margeret nearly adopted this elephant a a pet. J


Ann befriends a giraffe at "The Statues"


Clive takes up hippo riding at "The Statues"  J


That evening we took in a sunset on Table Mountain as can be seen above


After Table Mountain we went to the Africa Cafe for dinner where we took the below pictures


Ann and Jean trying out the staffs hats. J

Ann, Thabi and Jean enjoying the fun.


24 January 2002

Winelands Tour


We started out our Winelands tour at Seidelberg Winefarm. Here we see Eugene (Seidelberg) , Margaret, Ann, Gerrit  (Seidelberg) and Jean in the winetasting room.


We travelled on to Fairview farm where we took the picture of Ann and Clive in front of the goat house on the farm


Buying cheese at Fairview


A group scene at Fairview with Jim trying to do a dirty deed.  J


Please use your arrow keys to view this wonderful Panoramic picture taken at Fairview


We travelled on to Helmut Wilderers "Schnapps" farm where we took the pictures that follow.

The A5 and Helmut Wilderer tackle some Schnapps.  J


Seems as if the Shcnapps has met the approval of Ann and Margeret


Right lets get out of here to consume our purchases!!! J J


A fun photo of Jim the photo man!   Great legs J J


After Wilderers we travelled on to the Plaisir de Merle winefarm

The A5 in the hallway of the Plaisir de Merle Manor House


Admiring the Proteas in the garden


Please use your arrow keys to view this wonderful Panoramic picture taken in the Plasier de Merle garden.


On our way to Stellenbosch we stopped in for lunch at Hillcrest Berry farm.


We then travelled on to Kaya Mandi where we took the following photos.


This tour was a very special one to do as the A5 certainly knew how to have fun. From the minute that they arrive they got right into the Cape Town laid back format, let their hair down and boy oh boy did we have fun together. All in the group were such friendly, warm, honest upstanding citizens that one could just not wish for a better group to tour with and I will certainly miss them all dearly. Saying goodbye at the airport was so tough to do but cest la vie thats the life of a tourguide.


A big thank you also goes to Lavinia Farrel (Ann's daughter in law for utilising my tourguide services to do this wonderful tour.

Received by post - 10 April 2002