Brad and Nina Favor

25 August 2001


I met Brad and Nina, who were in Cape Town to celebrate an anniversary, at the Cape Grace Hotel. It was our intention to visit a winefarm,  part of the winelands and then have lunch just before we returned to Cape Town.


We first stopped in at Rust and Vrede winefarm where we tasted some great red wines and enjoyed the company of the farm Rottweiler dogs who can be seen with Nina and Brad in this photo


We arrived at Bilton farm and took this picture of Nina and Brad with the background view being obscured by heavy cloud and mist.


At Bilton Esmarie and Michelle helped us through a winetasting - Superb Merlot  in my opinion.


Nina and Brad enjoying their wine in front of the Bilton tasting room fireplace.


After our visit to Rust & Vrede as well as Bilton we made our way to the 96 Winery Road Restaurant where we had a great meal.

We then travelled home via Stellenbosch where we toured the town and then returned to Cape Town an the Cape Grace.


All in all this was a delightful Saturday afternoon drive through the Cape Winelands with great wine and food to accompany the journey.

Thanks Brad and Nina