Greg and Susan Kimmelman

Connecticut - USA

10 December 2001


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After one year of email each other I got to meet Greg and Susan at the Cape Town airport. They turned out to be exactly as I got know them via email and it was if we had known each other for many years. We traveled on to Bantry Bay where they moved into their wonderful sea facing apartment.

On arrival we were met by the lady who looks after the apartment viz. Aquila . When Susan gave Aquila a watch that she brought her as a gift from the USA, she was absolutely overjoyed as the below pictures show.


Aquila is delighted as she opens her gift  to find her watch and gives Susan a spontaneous hug



Aquila proudly displays her watch while Susan and Greg join the picture at their Bantry Bay apartment


After viewing and seeing what was needed in the apartment I took Greg and Susan to a local supermarket where they stocked up with some basic needs and Greg had a ball walking the supermarket passages.

In the evening Bette joined us and we all went off to the Africa Cafe for a wonderful African feast.

The feast is over and we all are happy. J


11 December 2001

Cape Peninsula tour


In the early part of our drive we stopped in at The Barnyard where we took this photo.


We stopped in at "The Statues" where this pic was taken.


On our return leg of the days travel we took this picture in front of Camps Bay and the 12 Apostles.


In the evening we went to Bloemers Kosteater (Floral Food Theatre)  for typical Afrikaner cuisine and had a great time enjoying the wonderful food.


12 December 2001

In search of Ardmore....

Susan and Greg wanted to see as much variety of Ardmore ceramics as possible so we dedicated this day to doing this. We started off by going to a shop in Canal Walk where we saw some pieces of interest


We also found this biltong shop in Canal Walk where we bought some biltong.


After leaving Canal Walk we stopped in at the Harley Davidson Shop where amongst others we met the delightful owner Ad Keukelaar.


We traveled to "Heartworks" where Susan bought this piece that she holds in this picture with great glee.


Susan and Greg admiring a mug during a chance stop at "Pot Elizabeth". 


We went to the Cape Malay restaurant "Zhoerina's" for lunch and Greg and Susan could not resist wanting to be photographed with the sign on the door of the restaurant.


After lunch we went to "Charles Greig" so as to see their wonderful Ardmore pieces.


While walking in the Waterfront we stopped in at the funky Simonsberg Sandwich shop


Greg could not stop pranking when he saw the Water Shop in the Waterfront


Susan decided that this was one of the nicest of the many cows on display at the Waterfront.  


We stopped to enjoy some Cape Jazz being played by a local band at the Waterfront and took this picture.

That night we went to Fujiyama Japanese restaurant where we had a delicious meal.

13 December 2001

City tour.


Greg and Susan in front of Table Mountain taken from Signal Hill.


We stopped in at the Mount Nelson Hotel where we had a "high tea" lunch and spent some time in the gardens of the hotel as can be seen above.


Susan found these wonderful hibiscus flowers in the Mount Nelson gardens.


After having fun in the city center, where amongst others per chance we met David Jack, the mastermind behind the Cape Town Waterfront, in an art gallery, we traveled on to the African Art Center where I took this picture of Susan. Please note Susan's new Coca Cola "a la Africa" cap. J


We met up with our friends Hilton and Pearl Gischen as well as Raymond and Noleen Berkman, Joel, Ilan, Len and John at the Jewel Tavern restaurant. We had a wonderful meal while socializing together  Here we see Pearl, Hilton, myself, Susan, Greg and Bette in picture.

15 December 2001

Greg and Susan took the opportunity of going to do shopping in the Waterfront on this day. In the evening Bette and I joined them and we went off to a wonderful meal at "Gorgeous". 


16 December 2001

Ostrich farm
Butterfly world
Kaya Mandi


Bette joined us on the day as we traveled out to the West Coach ostrich farm.






We then traveled on to the Butterfly farm near Franschhoek where Susan found another buddy as can be seen below from the picture


Susan and her "new found friend"  J

Bette and Greg enjoying the butterflies at Butterfly World


From Butterfly world we moved on to Boschendal where we had a delightful picnic under the shaded trees of the Le Picnique area.

Susan, Bette and Greg enjoying the picnic under the shaded Boschendal trees.


Susan and Greg having fun in front of one of the big trees at Boschendal


After Boschendal we traveled to Stellenbosch where we visited the Black Township of Kaya Mandi 

Mr.Masiela (traditional healer), Susan, Armstrong, Greg, Bette and Hilda posing in front of Mr.Masiela's house after we spent a fascinating time talking to him and Armstrong about healing in the Black community.


Susan and Armstrong having fun with the kids of Maria Bossie's creche

After Susan gave the kids of the creche some gifts all were very happy to have the above picture taken.


After our trip through Kaya Mandi we went into Stellenbosch where we stopped for dinner at the Fishmonger Restaurant.

17 December 2001

Susan and Greg had a free day and went off to the Jewish Campus (Museum, Holocaust center and Synagogue). After this visit they went off to Cavendish Square shopping mall and thereafter joined us and with our friends Andrew and Sonia Berman for dinner in our apartment.

18 December 2001

Hermanus tour

We travelled via the N2 to Spier winefarm where we spent quite a while at the Cheetah Foundation


Here we see Susan and Greg patting Inca while Liesl looks on.


At Spier we had a great time shopping at the Spier Delicatessen as can be seen from this photo.


We then traveled on to Hermanus but I pulled a surprise on Susan and Greg when I took then to Michael and Anthea Methven's house where we had a wonderful time looking through all the wonderful African art in the Methven home.

Here we see Susan with one of Micheal's incredible creations.

Susan and Michael spent lots of time talking to each other about the art styles that they loved as the pictures below show


We then traveled on to Hermanus and took the below photo when we had a great view of False Bay.


In Hermanus Greg stopped at a shop where he bought a Zebra skin. Here we see Susan playing with the shop owners (Angeline) daughter Nicol while the mother seems very happy with the sale she had just made to Greg.

After our short stay in Hermanus we traveled back via Elgin and Grabouw and decided that the evening was worthy of an early night as we had experienced quite a wonderful day and were all quite tired.

21 December 2001

Unscheduled fun J


I phoned Greg and Susan and told them that we were just going out to have a non scheduled fun day. I did not tell them what was planned. Bette joined us on the day that turned out to be a wonderful one.


We stopped in at Penny Dobbie's house where we saw her gallery of art and Susan bought some interesting pieces.


On our way out to Bloubergstrand where we were to have lunch, Greg asked me if I could take him to Philadelphia South Africa. He was born in Philadelphia USA so the naming of the one horse South African version of the town was of interest to him. On arrival in Philadelphia we all laughed at the size of the village and too the below fun pictures



After our stopover at Philadelphia we went off to the Ons Huisie restaurant where we had a great meal in the most wonderful surroundings of Big Bay in Bloubergstrand.


This panoramic picture shows Susan, Bette and Greg (obscured by plant) on the balcony of Ons Huisie

After lunch at Ons Huisie we travelled on to Clara Anna Fontein where we had an encounter with some of the wild animals on the farm


Greg and Susan with wildebeest and bontebok in the background.


Bette and Susan having fun with some of the giant tortoises on the farm.


22 December 2001

On our last evening together Bette and I fetched Susan and Greg and went to the Au Jardin restaurant where we had a wonderful dinner.


Les finale - The coup de grace!

Even though this picture is out of time frame on this webpage, as we took it at Bloubergstrand, I thought it would be a fitting way to end what turned out to be a wonderful holiday for Greg and Susan as well as a fabulous experience for me to be their guide as they traveled through Cape Town and its surrounding area

Susan and Greg were so easy to take around Cape Town. They took everything in their stride and enjoyed their journey through my city in the most incredible manner. They were relaxed at all times and took in all that Cape Town had to offer. Susan is a very brave lady who has an enormous sense of caring while Greg is very happy go lucky and carefree. One cannot help but feel comfortable with them both at all times. In conclusion all I can say is that this tour was an experience that I will cherish for a very long time in that it was so wonderful, not only for what we did but especially for the wonderful company of Greg and Susan.


Received on 3 January 2002


Dear Selwyn,

Arrived home safe and happy. Definitely feeling major jet lag but the trip was fantastic, in a large part due to you. We really enjoyed being with you as well as touring  with you. Bette was an added delight. You made our amazing trip one we will remember forever.

I'll write more after I get some rest.

Susan & Greg


Received on 4 January 2002

Hi Selwyn,

How are you and Happy New Year! I am back at my desk and if it weren't for the pictures on your website, I could be talked into the fact that our wonderful trip to South Africa was just a dream. You made it very special and you are welcome to refer anyone to me for a recommendation. 

Thanks so much for a brilliant job that you do, and for being such a wonderful host. That host compliment goes to Bette too!

My very best.