Glow Worm tour

Derbyshire UK

13 October 2001


I met Trevor, Graham, Greg, Vaughn and Shaun at the Table Bay Hotel. They were all staying in Cape Town  with a promotional tour organised by their heating company Hepworth Heating. We had pre-arranged to go on a tour of Hermanus with the specific function of going to see the whales.

On leaving the Table Bay Hotel we first travelled through the city and then moved on to Hermanus travelling past Koeelbaai first. We stopped at the vista point of the Koeelbai area where Vaughn spotted our first whale.


Graham, Vaughn, Trevor, Shaun and Greg enjoying the sunshine of Koeelbaai.
Cape Point can be seen in the background of False Bay in this picture


After the excitement of seeing whales at Kooelbaai (Bullet Bay) we moved on to Hermanus via Bettys Bay and Kleinmond.

On Arrival in Hermanus we went to the Harbour Rocks restaurant for lunch. From the window of the restaurant we saw a whale frolicking next to the harbour jetty. We went down to the rocks next to the jetty and got to about 200 yards from the whale. It was an absolutely AWESOME experience.


Shaun, Graham, Greg and Trevor standing on the harbour jetty viewing the whale.


The happy five-some on the rocks at the harbour.


We met this South African family (Victor Crousier)  on the rocks of Hermanus and I took this picture for them to see on the net.


After our "close encounter" with the whale at the restaurant  we travelled through Hermanus and then moved up to Rotary Way. It was from this vantage point that we witnessed three whales breaching in the bay. It was absolutely incredible to watch.


This picture was taken on the Rotary way
Please use your arrow keys to see the whole panoramic view.


After the experience of seeing whales from close by and then also from afar we decided that we had achieved exactly what we had set out to do and very happilly returned to Cape Town.



Thanks guys.

Thanks Trevor for organising the day.

Received 17 October 2001


Arrived home a couple of hours ago and have got your e-mail. Many thanks for
your comments which I shall pass on to the rest of the 'Team Hermanus'. Driving
home from Heathrow at dawn with all the rush hour motorway traffic , it was
difficult to believe where we were on Saturday but thankfully your Web page
proves it!

Thank you again for a truly memorable day out for all of us.

Kind Regards



Hi Selwyn,

Most kind of you to place this on the net for us to see. My family will no
doubt be ecstatic when I show them later.

It was refreshing to view your website, and your passion for what you do
was obvious, much as it was on our brief encounter at Hermanus. (I
particularly liked your slant on the KISS principle). I trust that your
positive attitude and passion is contagious and that it will go quite some
way in encouraging visitors from abroad to our shores. No doubt our country
can only benefit from positive personal anecdotes from our visitors when
they return home.

Victor Crousier