Norma and Stan Collins

Leeds - UK

24 February  2002


I was referred to travel with Stan and Norma by Lynn Winton who had travelled with me a couple of months ago. Lynn and Norma are sisters.

I fetched Norma and Stan from their hotel and after a short discussion we decided to do a winelands tour. We travelled on a day when the temperatures rose to 34C so we spent as much time as possible under the airconditioning of the combi.


Our first stop was at the Afrikaans language monument where the above picture was taken.


The above panoramic picture was taken at the Afrikaans Language monument
Please use your browser panoramic keys to view this picture.


We travelled on to Plaisir de Merle where we took this photo in front of the winefarm's coat of arms.


Norma and Stan enjoying the shade in front of the Plaisir de Merle water wheel


We travelled on to Franschhoek and stopped at Gideon's pancake house for lunch.


After lunch we went to the Corkscrew Antique shop where I caught Norma and Stan unawares J in the taking of this picture.


We travelled on to Stellenbosch and visited Kaya Mandi. Here we see Armstrong, Stan, Shumi Ndlebe and Norma in front of Shumi's house after she had explained to us how she had made her fortune selling chicken feet for a living.


Norma, Armstrong and Stan enjoying the company of the children of Kaya Mandi.


After Kaya Mandi we toured through Stellenbosch and then went to the cheetah colony where even the cheetahs were virtually hiding away because of the heat J We returned home via the N2 where Queen Victoria's sexuality was put into question J


All in all despite the heat this was great day,. Norma and Stan were ken to learn about the South African way of life and showed an enormous interest in what made South Africa "tick". They also added much of their own thoughts to what they saw as where they thought the future of South Africa lay which was much appreciated from my side.


Norma and Stan - Thanks for a great day.