Lynne Rob and Oli Winton

London - UK

27 December 2002


I met Lynn, Rob and Oli at the Bay Atlantic guesthouse in Camps Bay on the morning of the 27th and it did not take long for us to click. We had our route for the two days that we were touring pretty well mapped out ahead of time as we had been in extensive email correspondence prior to this great family arriving on Cape Town shores and in the process we planned most of what the Winton's wanted to do.


Day 1

Cape Winelands and Kaya Mandi


On our way to the Paarl we stopped in at Plattekloof and took this photo


We travelled to Paarl and visited the Afrikaans Language monument taking in the significance of this monument in South African history.


After our visit to Paarl we stopped in at Plasier de Merle where we went through a winetasting and enjoyed the scenery in the garden such as the above picture depicts


We travelled on to Franschhoek where we had lunch at Le Grange restaurant and followed this with dessert from the Franschhoek chocolate factory as seen above

We then travelled on to Stellenbosch and visited Kaya Mandi where Speech joined us as we travelled around the township.

Rob, Speech, Maria Bossie, Oli and Lynn at Maria's creche.
A HUGE THANKS to Rob, Lynn and Oli for the generous donation made to Maria for use at her creche.


Speech, Lynn, Rob and Oli discussing Speech's lifestyle in Kaya Mandi behind his house in the township


After Kaya Mandi we made our way back to Cape Town and decided to ascend Table Mountain where the below photos were taken.


After Table Mountain we all went to the Africa Cafe for a wonderful African feast.


29 December 2001

On our second day together we decided to do a city tour + a trip to Clara Anna Fontein


While in the Company Gardens we took this picture in front of the giant rubber tree.


Here we see Oli standing behind some Xhosa dancing street entertainers in St.Georges street


After a walk through the central part of the city I left the Wintons for about an hour while I fetched our vehicle at the Mount Nelson Hotel. After meeting up again we travelled out to Durbanville to have a picnic and view the game on the farm Clara Anna Fontein.

The below pictures were taken on the game farm.

The Wintons backed up by a herd of Eland


Rob and Oli standing in front of our picnic spot with Eland in the background


Oli bravely posing in front of a group of Eland, Springbok and Zebra.


After Clara Anna Fontein we made our way back to the Bay Atlantic guesthouse and said our farewells to one another.


This was a wonderful tour only because the Winton's were great folk to tour with and to top this all they were wonderful, caring people. Oli certainly made the tour come alive with his wry wit and intelligent banter. He also pinned his colours to the mast as a Manchester United supporter and on occasions I was not sure if we were touring in Cape Town with me as a tourguide or whether we were getting a tour of Old Trafford from Oli as a United supporter. JJJ


A huge thanks Lynn,Rob and Oli for being such great company on our tour of my city.


Received 1 January 2002


Dear Selwyn ,

We have just got through the front door and checked the mail, and typically you have beat me to it and got your letter in first !

We had the best time ever in Cape Town with you. We are still talking about it . I am too tired to make this a long letter but please keep us on your e-list for your regular news about Kaya Mandi and SA.

Many, many thanks again

Lynn, Rob and Oli


This was a letter that Lynne wrote on 21/1/2002 to the ENTREE webpage


I have just returned from a six-day visit to Capetown, and had the best guide I have ever had in any country. He is called Selwyn Davidowitz and he has his own website

This is a man who knows exactly how to plan a memorable day. After filling in a questionnaire asking us about your interests, he will email you a very detailed proposed itinerary. His own areas of expertise include the political and social history and current situation of South Africa, wildlife (he has exclusive access to a wonderful private game farm outside Capetown), architecture, and wine tasting in the beautiful winelands. Apart from that he has the most engaging enthusiastic personality and even my 21 year old son, usually hard to impress was bowled over by our tour days.

Selwyn's website is a goldmine of information and he is very happy to answer your questions about seeing the best of Capetown, regardless of whether you book his services.

Lynn Winton
The Shirt Press