Anoo Padte

Seattle - USA

9 April 2002 (Tuesday)

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I met Anoo at the Vineyard Hotel. She had just been on a 8 day hike across the Cederberge. We travelled to Avanti guesthouse where we placed Anoo's bags in her room and then went into the city and spent some time doing some shopping at the Pan African Market and Greenmarket Square. We also visited the Cape Town's first Townhouse on Greenmarket Square. 

After our short shopping sojourn we went to Zoerinas for a samoosa and roetie lunch.

After lunch we visited the Mount Nelson Hotel where I took Anoo through the hotels colorful history. We then stopped in at Vida e caffe where we had a short stop for coffee.

The main aim of the day was to go to the one day cricket test between south Africa an New Zealand which was to be played at Newlands. The problem with this was the fact that it was raining and we were not sure if the game was going to be played. For this reason we stopped in at my apartment where Anoo met Bette and we waited patiently to hear in the game was going to be played.

When we heard that the game was on we traveled to Newlands and eventually saw South Africa beat Australia in the cricket test.


Anoo at Newlands with the temperature being moderate and as can be seen Australia were fielding 


Two hours after the first picture was taken we see Anoo at Newlands with the temperature pretty cold and as can be seen South Africa were fielding at this stage. 


10 April 2002 (Wednesday)


On this day we went out to the Cape Winelands.


Here we see Anoo standing in front of the background view of Cape Town when we visited Plattekloof

We went straight to Kayamandi where we spent much time. The following pictures were taken in Kayamandi

Umzwaki and Anoo sitting in front of the Tropical Heat Tavern


Umzwaki and Anoo stand in front of the magnificent view one sees in Kayamandi
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Ivy and Anoo with the kids form the NGK creche


Anoo sits amongst the kids at the Lekanya Creche run by Nozandile Bossie


Anoo and Nozandile in her creche


Anoo and Iris admire the sleeping kids in Iris's creche



Ivy and Anoo standing in front of a Spaza store in Kayamandi.


Anoo and Shumi Ndlebe in Shumi's house


After Kayamandi we had lunch at the Blue Orange restaurant where we see Anoo selecting postcards to send home


On our way home we stopped in at the Cheetah foundation where Anoo net into the pens to pet the cheetahs.


In the evening Anoo and I went to the Drum Cafe where we had a fun time drumming away with many others in unison.




Thursday 11 April 2002

On this day we went on a Cape Peninsula tour


We stopped in at the Hemp Shop in Long Street where Anoo had fun browsing thought the clothing on sale.



I could not resist photographing Anoo standing on the "dead centre of Cape Town.


We went to the Kirstenbosch Gardens shop where Anoo did some shopping.



Anoo saw this grasshopper on Boyes Drive above Muizenberg and ignored the scenery to photograph the Grasshopper. JJ


At long last we recognised that there was great scenery in Muizenberg that could be used a a great backdrop to a wonderful photo  JJ


Anoo feels the waters of the Atlantic ocean at Bordjiesrif on the Cape of Good Hope Reserve.


Anoo takes a quiet moment while we visited Bordjiesrif
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Yup we made it to Cape Point!


Anoo sitting in front of the sheer cliff at Cape Point.



Anoo sits in front of the majestic view at Cape Point
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At "the statues" it seems as if Anoo fell in love with this hippo. JJ


Anoo enjoying the great view at Kommetjie in the above 2 pictures
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We ascended Table Mountain where I took this panoramic photo of Anoo just before sunset.
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Anoo and me on Table Mountain at Sunset


In the evening we ended off our tour with dinner at the fabulous Indian restuarant named Bibis. 


Anoo was a fabulous person to tour with. She was always very easy going and very easy to guide. Her companion for her fellow man was simply amazing and my guiding her through Kayamandi was a very special event for me to do. Her tour was one which was filled with fun, great company and much for us both to learn from each other.


Thanks very, very much Anoo and may I also thank you for your very generous support for the people of Kayamandi.


Received 17 April 2002


Hello Selwyn,

Thanking you for being such a great guide. I truly did learn some great hidden secrets about Cape town -- all of which, I know not many others could tell me. I really enjoyed your informative descriptions, the stories and the jovial and enjoyable company that you provided. My experience could never have been the same without you.

Above all, I am most thankful for the visit to Kayamandi. It was exactly what I was looking for and it meant a lot to me. I cant wait to start doing some work with you and Peter. I really really do want to give my time to anything that I can help with. Please let me know what I can do.

The remaining of my journey was also quite spectacular. I saw some amazing wildlife -- all of the big 5. What's more, I saw the leopards mating -- something I am told is very rare to get to see. Steven had arranged for me to stay at a really nice lodge. I meant some really nice people there too. 

I have pointed my family and friends to your site and they were all delighted. Thanks so much for putting it together. You will soon hear of my album as well. 

I have now returned and am back at work but really, I am restless because I am away from a place I fell in love with. I know I will visit again and hope to do something more than just that in the meantime.

Thank you so much, Selwyn.  I KNOW that we will be in touch.