Cathy and Bob Ouellette

Maryland -USA

28 April  2002 (Sunday)


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I met Cathy and Bob at the Cape Town airport and we immediately travelled to Camps Bay Terrace so that they could get some sleep so as to get over their jetlag.

At 14h00 we started touring and first went up Signal Hill so as to become acquainted with the Cape Town area via a high  viewing point overlooking the city.

The view from Cathy and Bob's Camps Bay Terrace penthouse suite.
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We first stopped at Maidens Cove so as to be able to enjoy the view of The 12 Apostles, Camps Bay as well as the Heart of Camps Bay.


We enjoyed High Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel

After high teas we went on a driving tour of the city and then returned back to Camps Bay Terrace.

29 April  2002 (Monday)


We started our Winelands tour day by first visiting chiropractor who helped Bob with his neck pains. We then travelled to Stellenbosch and paid a visit to Kayamandi were the below photos were taken.






After our visit to Kayamandi we took a drive tour through Stellenbosch so as to view all the towns wonderful houses and buildings.


We had lunch at the Blue Orange restaurant in Stellenbosch.


We then travelled on to Rust and Vrede winefarm where I took the following pictures of Bob and Cathy.



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After our visit to Rust and Vrede we travelled to the Cheetah Foundation. 
Here we see Cathy petting Nyana while Viv looks after the restful cat.


Not to be outdone Bob enjoyed petting Nyana too.


Cathy and the old ox wagon at Spier


This was a great fun framed picture that I took of Bob and Cathy at Spier.



After returning to Cape Town I dropped Cathy and Bob off to do some shopping at the Waterfront and picked them up 2 hours later so as to take them to dinner at Theo's steakhouse where the above photo was taken (after a couple of Don Pedros) JJ


30 April  2002 (Tuesday)

I collected Cathy and Bob at 08h15 and we made our way to the Nelson Mandela Centre so that they could board the ferry to go to Robben Island.


Cathy and Bob about to leave on the ferry to Robben Island


Bob and Cathy return from Robben Island. As Cathy was disembarking her son Joey phoned from the USA and you can see her talking to him per cellphone on disembarking


Cathy having fun trying on an African headdress.

After I collected Cathy and Bob from their Robben Island return we went for lunch to a local pancake house and then visited a craft centre. After this Bob visited a loal chiropractor as his neck was hurting and thereafter we travelled straight on to Clara Anna Fontein where the following photos were taken.


Cathy and one of Clara Anna Fontein's tortoises.


Bob having fun behind Cathy's back while the Eland behind them dont find anything amusing. JJ


Cathy photographing her favorite Eland



After our mini safari through Clara Anna Fontein we travelled back to Cape Town, We stopped in at my apartment where Bob completed his email and I took the 2 pictures of Cathy in front of sunset. The photos were taken from my apartment balcony.




After visiting my apartment we decided to have a fish dinner and went to Willoughby's where I took this picture of Bob and Cathy.


1 May 2002 (Wednesday)

Cape Peninsula tour


We started our tour by visiting the Kirstenbosch gift shop where Cathy did some shopping


The above picture was taken when we passed Muizenberg


At Simonstown we simply had to enjoy the company of Just Nuisance.J

Before we entered the penguin colony Cathy fell in love with George the giraffe.

As we were about to enter the penguin colony the cellphone rang - "Hello Bobby"  JJ


Cathy and Bob at the penguin colony


We stopped at Bordjiesrif on the Cape of Good Hope Reserve where we first had sandwiches and then Cathy and Bob enjoyed some time with George at the sea edge.


Cathy and Bob at Cape Point


Cathy and Bob with the Diaz Beach and the Cape of Good Hope in the background


Thank heavens Cathy arrived just in time to stand on a trash box and hold the old lighthouse of Cape Point up so as to prevent it from falling. J

At "The Statues" Cathy had some fun with the wooden hippos.


On our way back to Cape Town we stopped and took this picture at Llandudno.


As we could not ascend Table Mountain on the night we decided to enjoy sunset on Signal Hill.


After sunset we travelled down to the Africa Cafe where we had a great African feast as the two below pictures show.


Bob, Cathy and the Africa Cafe barman, Lotando pose for a picture in the Cafe's bar.


After our feast at the Africa Cafe we went to the Drum Cafe where we ended a wonderful tour with an evening of African drumming.

Cathy and Bob were wonderful, upstanding citizens to travel with. They were such good people and they truly were an absolute pleasure to tour around Cape Town and its surrounds. We had a great time together and saw and shared much. In essence we simply had a great time in a great city.