Andrew, Evelyn and Arthur Chong 
Werner and Maureen Kosanke
Norbert Surkau

Melbourne - Australia
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Frankfurt - Germany

24 January  2003

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I met Arthur, Andrew and Evelyn and the Cape Town airport on 24 January. We immediately travelled to Bayview Terrace where the family was staying. I then fetched Norbert (who had flown into Cape Town 3 days earlier) at his guesthouse and together we returned to the airport to meet Werner and Maureen.  Eventually the whole family was united at Bayview Terrace. 

Soon after the arrival of all we travelled to the Mount Nelson Hotel where we enjoyed high tea. Thereafter we went off to the Gardens Centre where a certain amount of local shopping was done by all. That evening the family had dinner at Bayview Terrace as well as an early night so as to prepare themselves for the the following day of touring.


Day 2 - 25 January

Peninsula tour


On this ay we went on our Cape Peninsula Tour. Arthur had been on this tour before so he stayed at home so as to rest out all his jetlag.


Evelyn. Norbert, Maureen, Arthur, Werner and Andrew at the Village and Life offices at De Waterkant. 


The six-some in front of Table Mountain as seen from De Waterkant

Maureen in joyous mood with regard to her stay in Cape Town

The "touring five" viewing the back of Table Mountain and the Cape Flats
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We had a wonderful fish lunch at Kalkies in Kalk Bay

We stopped in at the Topstone Jewel factory in Simonstown where the following photos were taken.


Andrew shows off his photographic skills J on the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve

The "touring five" enhance the beauty of the Cape of Good Hope Reserve


Werner enjoys the photographic value of the Reserve

The "Touring Five" with the Cape of Good Hope in the background

Evelyn and Maureen with Cape Point in the background

Werner taking a photo in a private garden in Scarborough. Soon after this picture was taken it started to pour and Werner returned to the vehicle drenched in rain

We ended our day with dinner at the Jewel Tavern restaurant in the harbour 

Day 3 - 26 January

Winelands - First day


The six-some at the Afrikaans language monument

A fun picture of the six-some at the Afrikaans language monument


The Chongs with Paarl in the background

We stopped in at the Corkscrew Antique Shop so as to see their awesome corkscrew collection.


We stopped in for tea at Cotage Fromage where the following pictures were taken


In the evening we had a wonderful dinner at Cathbert Country House

Day 4 - 27 January

Winelands - Second day


We started our day with breakfast on the Cathbert patio

The six-some in the vineyards of the Franschhoek area with Fredericks Mountain behind them 

Maureen beating the February grape harvest J


We went to Tokara restaurant to make a booking for that evening. Here we see Norbert and Maureen tackling the basket man at the restaurant entrance. 

We then travelled on to Kayamandi where the six-some shared a township experience with all.

The six-some with all the volunteers t the Ikamva Lethu centre after making a donation to the peoples of Kayamandi.

We travelled on to the Cheetah Foundation where the following pictures were taken.


Evelyn, Andrew and Maureen enjoying the wine cellar at Rus en Vrede winefarm



The Chong's pose for Norbert in front of one of the wonderful scenic shots at Rus en Vrede.


That evening we went to Tokara for dinner where I took this family shot at sunset


Day 6- 29 January

Winelands - Back to Cape Town


We started  our day with a trip to Boschendal where the above and below photos were taken


On arrival in Cape Town I dropped the six-some off to enjoy Greenmarket Square. Thereafter we went on a tour of the city and included the Bo-Kaap area where the above picture was taken.


After our City tour we travelled to Clifton Crescent which would be the sis-some venue of stay for the next 3 days. I fetched at at about 18h45 and we ascended Table Mountain where the following pictures were taken.


We ended off our wonderful tour with dinner at the Africa Cafe. Bette joined us for this meal and a great time was had by all.

This six-some were a really "hot" J group to take around Cape Town. They were keen to do everything and once they arrived at each venue they put their hearts right into the venue so as to learn more about all around them. I learnt a lot from Werner in terms of photo angles. I also learnt a lot about the simple concept of "family" as the six-some really were a fine example of this concept. What a wonderful group they truly were to tour with.


Received 5 February 2003

Dear Selwyn

Well, what can I say - visiting Cape Town twice in 12 months and on each
occasion, you certainly made the world of difference. All those planning
from more than 6 months ago certainly paid off!

On behalf of my parents and I'm sure also my aunt, uncle and my cousin
Norbert - thank you once again for everything. Your thoughtfulness,
organisation and enthusiasm were very much appreciated. 

Even for the second time, Cape Town certainly provided many highlights and
seeing it this time with my family made it more special. I know my parents
enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to returning for a golfing and
shopping trip. I was also most impressed with the improvements to Kayamandi over the past 12 months - you must be very proud. Congratulations! 

As they say, all good things come in "three", so I am hoping to visit Cape
Town again next summer. This time, I may bring my godchildren - so be

Till the next time Selwyn, please stay in touch. Enjoy the Cricket World Cup
- there is no doubt who the winning team will be!!!

Kind Regards


Received 11 February 2003

Dear Selwyn,

Thanks for your e-mail. We had a smooth and uneventful flight back with a
beautiful low level fly pass at Table Mountain. I took several pictures, but
we had seats just over the wing, not so convenient for photographing as the
wing was blocking most of the view. Arriving in Frankfurt we had -7C in the
morning and we actually wanted to jump back into the plane to fly back to
Cape Town - but sadly enough it was not possible.

Selwyn, thanks again for a beautiful vacation in Cape Town which had only
one bug - it was too short. As I told you I admired your knowledge about your
country, your social engagement and the fact that you are perfectly
organized. Lets keep in touch.

Thanks and kind regards from Werner and Maureen.