Mannie and Toots Hassel

Wisconsin -  USA

23 October 2001


I met Mannie & Toots via a referral from two visitors whom I traveled with in the past viz. Norm and Fran Reich. Before I go any further a HUGE THANK YOU for introducing me to this marvelous couple goes to you Norm and Fran.

Mannie an Toots were traveling on the Crystal Symphony and spent three days in Cape Town before boarding the cruise liner to cruise on to Lisbon. I met them at their place of stay viz. The Mount Nelson Hotel on their first night in Cape Town and we went off to the Africa Cafe for a splendid meal over which we got well acquainted with each other.

On our first day of touring we traveled to Hermanus to see the whales. What a day we had and the below pictures certainly tell a story to prove this.


Toots and Mannie, enjoy the hospitality of Wynand and Engela Mouton before we visited Wynand's prize possession viz his garden which was laden in Proteas on the day.


Engela, Wynand, Toots and Mannie enjoying the proteas in the garden

After visiting Engela and Wynand we traveled on to Hermanus via Kleinmond and the below pictures show just how close we were to the whales who were breaching out of the water all over the show.







After seeing the whales we traveled on to Stanford where we had a light lunch at the "Ploughmans Lunch". We then traveled back to Cape Town via Elgin and Grabouw and got back to a rather overcast Cape Town at about 17h30.

That night Mannie and Toots went off to the Green Dolphin restaurant to enjoy jazz and good food.

All in all this was a truly amazing day.

On our second full day together we traveled out to the winelands. We started out at the Afrikaans language monument in Paarl.


Mannie and Toots in front of the language monument.


Mannie and Toots admiring a King protea in the language monument gardens


We stopped in at Plaisir de Merle while traveling to Stellenbosch as can be seen from the above picture.


Mannie and Toots in front of the Plaisir de Merle coat of arms


We had lunch at Cotage Fromage. Here Mannie an Toots pose in front of the cottage.



After traveling to Stellenbosch we visited Khaya Mandi. Here we see Toots. Armstrong, Mannie and Ivy posing with Ivy's daughter and niece.

After our visited to Khaya Mandi we traveled back to Cape Town.  Bette joined us for dinner on the night and we had an unforgettable Chinese meal at the Jewel Tavern in the harbor.

On our third day together I collected Mannie and Toots at the Mount Nelson Hotel and we did a city and Atlantic seaboard tour. At 14h00 I took the wonderful couple to the Crystal Symphony where with great reluctance we parted company.


What a wonderful tour this truly was. Mannie and Toots are one of the most loving couples I have ever taken out on tour. They knew each other like the back of their hands and were constantly considerate of each other. They were an absolute pleasure to show around my wonderful city and I got the impression that they truly loved my beloved Cape Town to bits.

Bon Voyage Mannie and Toots and thanks for being such wonderful travelers to tour with.


Received 20 November 2001


Dear Selwyn,

We arrived home last night from Lisbon and our flight
was fine. Have to tell you that meeting you and Bette
and touring with you in Cape Town was the highlight of
our African adventure. We thank you for taking us to
visit some of your friends, your house, and for
joining us for dinner.

Hope all is going well for both of you and I'm sure we
will be in touch.

The very best to you from Toots and me.