Jerry and Elizabeth Susser

Corpus Christi - Texas - USA

27 August  2002

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I met Jerry and Elizabeth at the Port Elizabeth airport and we made our way to the Addo area where we booked into Elephant House Guesthouse. We had a light lunch and a restful and peaceful afternoon so as to rest out for the tour ahead of us.

Jerry took the pictures seen below of Elephant House.




In the evening we had dinner at Elephant House where I took the following photo of Jerry and Elizabeth.


Day 2

Addo Park and Schotia


After an early morning breakfast we traveled to the Addo National Park so as to go on a game drive with special emphasis on the park's elephants. After having met Nick, the ranger at Elephant House, the previous night we asked him to guide us through the drive.


Jerry has a close encounter of an elephant kind. J


Elizabeth has a close encounter of a tortoise kind. J


Nick, Jerry and Elizabeth enjoying the view at the Domkrag dam at Addo Park.
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We had a picnic lunch at Addo Park and then returned to Elephant House to take a short nap before we moved on to Schotia Game farm for a safari with emphasis on lions

Jerry photographing Gemsbok on Schotia.


Enjoying sunset on Schotia with Malcolm, our game ranger on our safari.


After sunset we had an amazing encounter with lions in the wild as we found a male, female and 4 cubs on the game farm. Unfortunately my pictures did not turn out to be to good because of the dark light so they are not worth publishing on the site however Jerry's pics, as seen below, did the trick. All in all we truly had a fantastic encounter with lions in the wild.



Just as a matter of interest we were about 10 yards away from the above seen lions.



After our safari we all got together in the game lodge lapa (gathering place), as seen in the above picture, where we had drinks around the campfire and then were treated to a wonderful meal by the Schotia staff.

A wonderful adventurous day for all.

Day 3

 Drive from Addo to Knysna


We left Elephant House in the early morning and drove past  Port Elizabeth before making our way to Tsala Lodge in Knysna



Before leaving Elephant House Jerry took this picture of Elizabeth using the outside shower in their room.


Jerry, Elizabeth and myself at the top of Natures Valley.


The Sussers at the impressive Stormsriver bridge
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Jerry taking it easy at the "Quickshop" while we refilled with gas.


Elizabeth admiring the view in Plettenberg Bay.
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We stopped for tea and scones at the Plettenburg Hotel in Plettenberg Bay.

We arrived at Tsala at 16h00, took it easy and had a wonderful meal at Tsala where amongst others I introduced the Susser's to Pinotage over dinner


Day 4

George, Wilderness and Knysna

We had an incredible breakfast at Tsala and the made our way via Knysna, Sedgefield and the Wilderness to George.

Jerry took the below pictures of Tsala before we left on our tour.

The entrance to Tsala


Jerry and Elizabeth's room at Tsala


The rim pool attached to Jerry and Elizabeth's room


Our first stop was Fancourt Hotel and golf course where we had lunch and Jenny had great fun at the golf course.


We left Fancourt at about 14h00 and made our way back to the Wilderness.


Elizabeth and Jerry with the Wilderness in the background.


The "Map of Africa" as seen in the background, will never be the same after this photo. J J


On our way back to Knysna we stopped in at a furniture factory display room and then made our way back to Knysna. While in Knysna I suggested we go to the oyster factory and Jerry jumped up for joy while Elizabeth was slightly hesitant about wanting to have oysters for tea. As can be seen from the below pictures Jerry and I managed to coerce Elizabeth into enjoying the oysters with us. J



We returned to Tsala to take a break before returning to La Loerie restaurant for dinner where the below picture was taken.


All in all a great day was had by all.

Day 5

Golf and Knysna


We had a wonderful breakfast at Tsala to start our day


Elizabeth admiring the arum (callow) lilies and forest from the Tsala balcony
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We left Tsala and drove to Sparrebosch where Jerry played a round of golf. 


Jerry and Elizabeth enjoying the view from the Sparrebosch clubhouse.
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1 September




Jerry and Elizabeth enjoying breakfast at Tsala
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Elizabeth and Jerry enjoy breakfast at Tsala while Walker looks on


Jerry makeds the point to Elizabeth that life is worth nothing without a Big Mac J


Elizabeth and Jerry on top of the Swartberge.
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Jerry and all the local caddies at the Price Albert golf course


Elizabeth having fun in front of Sampie se plaasstal


Elizabeth "eye shopping" at Sampies se plaasstal



2 September


Outshoorn - Cathbert Country House

Jerry perusing his morning newspaper at Shades of Africa guesthouse.
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Elizabeth posing with the old South African flag in the Calitzdorp museum that was used inn the handover ceremony of 1994.



Elizabeth and Jerry enjoy Boplaas port at the farm.


Jerry in a happy mood after finding some biltong at the local food stall in Ladismith


Jerry samples the wines of Ladismith with two eager helpers.


An after dinner picture at Cathbert Country House


3 September

Winefarms and Kayamandi


Elizabeth and Jerry admire the view from their balcony at Cathbert Country House
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Enjoying a winetasting with Linda Goliath at Rupert and Rothschild winefarm


Elizabeth enjoying the winetasting at Plaisir de Merle winefarm


Jerry and Elizabeth having fun in front of the old mill wheel at Plaisir de Merle.


We went for lunch to Cotage Fromage.


We stopped in and visited Hillcrest Berry Farm where I took the above picture of Elizabeth
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We then travelled on to Kayamandi where we paid a visit to the township and its peoples.


Elizabeth, Nozandile, Jerry and Umzwake inside Nozandile's creche


Everybody was fascinated by the bug brooch that Elizabeth wore on her jacket including the kids of Kayamandi as can be seen from the above photo.


Elizabeth and Jerry having fun with t\some of the kids in Kayamandi


We visited another creche and Thokiswa seen here with Jerry and Elizabeth took to Jerry as a friend.


We then visited Shumi Ndlebe who told us her life story. Afterwards she took us into her kitchen where Jerry climbed in eating chicken legs, lung, heart and whatever Shumi could offer. You can make up your own mind as to whether Jerry enjoyed himself. J








Jerry gives the meal a HUGE thumbs up!



We then journeyed on to Cape Town and that evening Bette joined us for dinner at The Africa Cafe.


After dinner I had to, with great sorrow, say goodbye to Jerry and Elizabeth as my brother Robert would take them on the Cape Town leg of the tour. I had another tour to do that was a commitment that I had made before taking on touring Jerry and Elizabeth hence the swop out. Cest la vie!


4 September

Cape Peninsula Tour

The Sussers at the penguin colony on Boulders Beach


Jerry being admired by two Chacma baboons at Cape Point


Having fun at "the Statues"


Jerry, Lee-Anne (Roberts wife) and Elizabeth at Bloemers Kosteater where dinner was had by all.


5 September

City tour & Kirstenbosch

The Sussers at Kirstenbosch Gardens


Jerry and Elizabeth with the manager of Affairs restaurant where a great steak lunch was had by all


Enjoying a winetasting at Steenberg



6 September

Cape Winelands

Robert, Elizabeth and Jerry enjoying a winetasting at Hazendal Winefarm


Jerry trying to size up to a Methuselah bottle of Rust and Vrede while visiting the winefarm


There could be no better way to end a vacation in Cape Town than having to ascend Table Mountain
Here we see Elizabeth and Jerry ending their tour a top Cape Town's world famous mountain

Jerry and Elizabeth were a fantastic couple to tour with. Jerry was a laugh a minute traveler while Elizabeth was needed on many an occasion to be the rudder that steadied the ship to rein her sociable husband in. J   We all had much fun together and all in all this tour will remain one of those journeys that will be not forgotten to easily especially not while holograms are around (Private joke which Jerry can explain if you want to find out more).  J

Jerry and Elizabeth - THANK YOU

Received 24 September 2002

Well we are back and recovered. We returned last Tuesday evening and hosted a charity golf tournament Thursday and Friday. 

Needless to say Elizabeth and I had a fantastic time mostly due to the
tender loving care we received from you and Robert. A great big Texas thank
you to the both of you! We loved every second we spent in South Africa.
Unfortunately we cannot say the same about Zimbabwe. I developed another
theory while there, "the countries that charge an exit tax are the countries
you are most willing to pay the tax and leave." The final laugh came when I
tried to pay the tax in Zim dollars. Under no circumstances would they
accept their own currency. Not only did they have a picture of Robert Mugabe
in the hotel, but every room had a history of Zimbabwe as approved by the
great man himself. 

Anyway South Africa is a glorious country one day I hope to get back and
really explore.

Thank you, Bette, Robert, and Leanne for a wonderful vacation. I need to go
and work on my new hologram project.

Love from Texas,



Dear Selwyn,

We had such a wonderful time with you and Robert. What a wonderful country
you have. I was reminded of Africa every day as I took my anti-malarial
medicine, now finished. Jerry took some beautiful pictures to add to yours.
Perhaps our son will want to come there on his honeymoon. I don't know if
he will have enough time off to do it. You made everything very special as
did Robert. Would you please ask him the name of the book he told us about
that dealt with the derivation of certain English phrases. I remember the
word professor in the title. I'm thinking of getting it for Jerry for

Love, Elizabeth