Chris Anthonissen and friends


20 August



I met Chris, Roland, Jos, Vera Filip, Ingrid and Bart at the Cullinan Hotel and in overcast weather we set off on a Cape Town tour


We took this panoramic picture at the top of Signal Hill
Here we see Chris, Roland, Filip, Bart, Ingrid, Jos and Vera in front of Table Mountain
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After our journey up Signal Hill we travelled down to the Mount Nelson Hotel where we took this panoramic photo in the hotel gardens.
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We then travelled through the city and saw many of its hidden secrets. I introduced the group to "biltong"  at Morris Butchery and then we went to Zoerinas for lunch.


Here we see Monica serving us at Zoerinas


Having been scheduled to do a tour on a game farm we decided to cancel this due to the weather and went to Stellenbosch after lunch where we went to the Cheetah Foundation and Kaya Mandi


Bart being daring in the Cheetah enclosure as he strokes Inca.

Chris and Ingrid with  some of the children of Kaya Mandi

Bart with some of the boys in Kaya Mandi


We took this group picture in Beauties house


For some or other reason the young girls of Kaya Mandi just fell head over heels for Bart and would simply not let him go as the below pictures show






This picture was taken at Armstrong's house. In the picture we see Hilda (Armstrong's wife, Armstrong and their neighbour Miranda joining the group in picture.


We returned to Cape Town after our wonderful journey to Kaya Mandi and went to the Africa Cafe for dinner where it seemed as if Bart was more intent on playing Snake  on my cellphone than enjoying the wonderful food in the restaurant


We ended our day having late night drinks at the Cullinan Hotel before I said goodbye to this wonderful group of Belgians.



This was a wonderful tour as the whole group was such a fun loving one. Everybody had a great time and we all learnt an enormous amount from each other. Truly a great day.


A BIG thanks to you all
Chris, Roland, Jos, Vera, Filip, Ingrid and Bart.


I also must thank Bart ( LLL ) for putting such a high score on my cellphone's snake game as I am now more frustrated than ever in trying to beat the top score. <grrrrr> J

Received on 28/8/2001

Good afternoon Selwyn,

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly. As you can imagine I have been very busy  running thorough my pile of papers returning to the office. But, that's life !!

We had a good flight back to Belgium, and cannot but thank you very much for the wonderful day and pictures. Everybody enjoyed it very much. We will
always remember Armstrong and "his" township. If we can be of any help for your project, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will try whatever
we can.

See you maybe in a year or two !

Chris & Roland