Dennis and Donya Mosdell
Florida - USA

Don and Cha Larson
Las Vegas Nevada - USA

5 November 2001


I initially met Dennis via the internet and we struck up an immediate rapport. This friendship continued when I eventually got to meet Donya, Don and Cha at the foot of the QE2 while she was docked in Cape Town harbour. After meting we immediately set out on tour starting in the Winelands on our first day


After leaving Cape Town we traveled into the winelands and while visiting the butterfly farm we came up this "handsome guy" whom Domya was brave enough to palm.J Here we see Cha, Dennis, Donya and Don watching Donya's brave antics.


While visiting the Butterfly Farm we met up with these school kids from Firgrove High


The foursome relaxing on the lawns of Plaisir de Merle


Posing in front of the wonderful proteas at Plaisir de Merle


Participating at a winetasting at Plaisir de Merle


Posing after g\having a wonderful lunch at the Green Door on Delaire farm where our waiters name also was Dennis. J


Web stopped in at the Stellenbosch Pick and pay to 60 litres of bottled water. Everyone in the supermarket were amused at our antics however I bet the management of the QE2 was not as they were selling the same water on board the ship at 8 times the price. J


We traveled on to Kaya Mandi. Here we se Armstrong, Donya and Jimmy whom Donya bought the pot in the picture from. Jimmy is a resident potter in Kaya Mandi.


The happy foursome seen with Armstrong and the Bombela family in Kaya Mandi with Kazagazi waving her hand in delight.


Donya and Dennis seen with the Bombela's and Kazagazi sporting her new hairstyle. J


That night we went to the Africa Cafe for dinner as can be seen by the above photo.

We started our second day of touring with slight rains a we travelled onto the Cape Peninsula.


Dennis eyeing Donya very carefully J as she goes on with her shopping in the Kirstenbosch Garden Shop.


With shopping all done all were smiling.


We stopped at Bessie O Shea in Kalk Bay for lunch where we were highly entertained by Bessie telling us her life story.


We travelled onto the Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach where this picture was taken.


After the penguin colony visit we went for lunch to The Salty Dog. It was here that Don discovered his credit card had gone astray. After much scampering around and lots of detective work we found the party who had picked up the credit card at the Penguin Colony. We tracked him to the Cape of Good hope and here Don and Cha were very relived to see the credit car make its appearance once again. Phew! J After our joy in finding the card we took this picture at the Cape of Good Hope.


The foursome pose in front of Cape Point


Yup we were there! J

Dennis and Donya pose in front of this funny sign at Cape Point while trying to act as if they were "baboon food" J


We took this picture at Constantia Nek where we bought flowers for all to have on board the QE2.


We then traveled on to the Atlantic Seaboard and cracked a celebratory bottle of Champagne under the shadows of the 12 Apostle Mountain range. Thereafter it was back to the QE2 where we said our goodbyes rather reluctantly.


All in all this wonderful foursome were great to tour with. Cha had an infectious laugh that kept us all in fits of laughter while Dennis fuelled this all with his great sense of humour.  Donya always kept the foursome moving forward while the very quiet Don nearly gave us all a heart attack when he lost his credit card. J


This was a GREAT TOUR with all having lots of fun along the way.

Thank you Dennis, Donya, Don and Cha.

Received 9 November 2001

Hiya Selwyn, 

Thanks for your 2 messages. Have not seen the pix yet and not sure whether I'll be able to until we get home. The machines are very restrictive on what can be accessed and unless I can find someone who is knowledgeable about these things, I dont want to fiddle around on my own. 

We have, embedded in our minds, the absolutely great time we had in our short time in Cape Town, made possible by the best guide I have EVER encountered in all my travels and many cruises. We have been telling many people about our exploits and experiences in great detail with much emphasis on dear Selwyn. The 4 of us just keep rehashing and talking about you and how you made it happen. As a matter of fact, earlier this afternoon, we opened a bottle of champagne and drank to your good health.

I do so hope that our paths cross again

Thanks again for all that you did for us and the photos I am sure  will be the icing on the cake.

Best wishes and love from the A4 to the wonderful man in Cape Town

Dennis, Donya,  Don and Cha

*     *