Julian & Lilian Finegold
Adrienne & Steven Rajbenbach

London - UK

10 February 2003

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I met Julian, Lilian, Steven and Adrienne at Bay Reflection on our first day of touring and after we spent a short while talking about the history of South Africa we started out on our Cape Peninsula tour on what turned out to be a very hot day.



We stopped in at Kalk bay where I took this photo of Adrienne at the Potters Way gallery



We had a fish lunch at Kalkies in Kalk Bay and after our meal I took this picture of Julian enjoying a cigar outside the restaurant.



Adrienne and Lilian at the penguin colony on Boulders Beach


The foursome at Cape Point.


A fun picture of Julian and friend at Cape Point J


After our visit to Cape Point we travelled on to the Statues near Scarborough where I took the below pictures 




Now what should I buy???? J


We travelled back to Cape Town and ascended Table Mountain where the next 3 fabulous photos were taken at sunset



11 February 2002

Cape Winelands Tour

We travelled to Stellenbosch on this day and started our tour by traveling through the town. Thereafter I gave the foursome an hour to simply walk the streets of Stellenbosch.


We then  travelled to Kayamandi where we travelled through the Township and took the below photos




After our visit to Kayamandi we stopped in at a coffee shop in Stellenbosch for a light lunch. Thereafter we travelled on to Rust en Vrede winefarm where in the above picture the foursome can be seen participating in a  winetasting 


Julian, Lilian, Adrienne and Steven in the vineyards of Rust en Vrede

After our journey to Rust en Vrede we travelled onto Spier where we visited the Cheetah Foundation as the next 2 pictures show. 


After our visit to the Cheetah Foundation we made our way back to Cape Town where I dropped everyone off at Bay Reflections  and said goodbye to all. That night the foursome completed their SA journey by going to see African Footprint at the Artscape theatre.

Julian, Lilian, Steven and Adrienne were very easy folk to travel with. They always showed a great interest as to what was going on around them and continuously wanted to know more about South Africa, Cape Town and all around them. It was an absolute pleasure to tour with this foursome on both our days together and I really missed the fact that we could not spend one more day together.


Thank you Julian, Lilian, Steven and Adrienne
 for being such great people to tour with


Received 14 February 2003

Dear Selwyn,

Just a short note to thank you for the amazing time we had. We had a good
journey home to sub zero temperatures and I have just put together the
video film which has come out really well. I see I now have become part of
your logo though I think the ape looks rather better than I do! We really
did have a smashing time with you. One of the reasons we had such a great
holiday was the exceptional quality of the advice we received before we
came which enabled us to put together a good itinerary that maximised our
time and enhanced the all too short time we had in South Africa. The tours
themselves were magnificent and captured so many of the facets of what is
a complex land - whether panoramas, the wine lands , Kayamandi, arts and
crafts , penguins and cheetahs. Naturally we all have different highlights
of the holiday but looking at the sunset pictures of Table Mountain and
the children in Kayamandi sort of sum up for me the South Africa that we

Tell the Wintons a big thank you when you see them at the opera and have a
great time there. Also as a tip make sure your guests get tickets for some
things at the theatre in Cape Town. Compared to the UK it is a so much more
pleasant experience and visitors will enjoy this a lot.

Finally keep up the good work that you do as an evangelist for the new
South Africa. It is always a pleasure to travel with someone who believes
so deeply in their cause. And of course if you ever are in the UK.... I
imagine that you have a list of dinner invitations but please accept ours!!!
Keep well and chat to you soon

Julian and Lilian