The Feather family

Batley - Yorkshire - UK

In honour of the late Anthony Feather

30 January 2005

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I met the Feather family at the Cape Town airport at 06h30 and we set off to their hotel where we dropped off all their luggage and started our Cape Peninsula tour. From the minute that I met Steve, Pat, Caroline, John and Amy I knew that this would be a great day especially knowing that the whole purpose of this day was to visit some of the places that the late Anthony Feather (son and brother) visited when he visited Cape Town in the past


We started out our journey with everyone placed on the grey circle at the Old Townhouse which depicts the exact centre of the city.


Pat, Amy and Caroline at Muizenberg


Steve joins the fun picture at Muizenberg


Steve, Pat. Amy, Caroline and John at the Money Tree Cafe in Kalk Bay where Rooibos tea, great lemon meringue and melktert (milktart) was had by all..


We stopped in at the Kalk Bay harbour and after visiting the local fishermen on the wharf we visited Kalkies restaurant for a geeat fish and chips meal.



Digging in to a great meal. JJ


Watching the world go by in the Kalk Bay harbour. JJ


At the penguin colony at Boulder Beach in Simon's Town



Mother and son talk at the penguin colony


Hooray we saw the penguins!  JJ


At Cape Point where the wind was blowing at a gale pace.

The ultimate part of day trip!
The Feather family is seen at the Cape of Good Hope where this picture was taken. The family had a picture of Anthony in the same spot on one of the trips that he made when he visited Cape Town. All in all a rather emotional moment on our journey


Click here to watch a very short video taken at the Cape of Good Hope

Click here to watch a LONG video taken at the Cape of Good Hope
Please exercise patience when downloading this video as it is a large file.
Apologies for the video sound but the wind was stronger than the voice. As long as Anthony heard us nothing else mattered

After our stay on the Cape of Good Hope reserve we travelled past Scarborough, Misty Cliffs, Chapmans Peak and the Atlantic seaboard before returning to Cape Town.

At one stage in the course of our journey Steve jokingly remarked to me that folk from Yorshire were tightfisted people. I certainly do not agree with him and would like to comment that if he is correct then as tight fisted as they are supposed to be then so warm hearted they are too. The Feather family exemplified this as being a wonderful, giving family who all have wonderful hearts. What a pleasure it was to travel with the fantastic fivesome. Before we even started our tour I suspected that this would be the case, after all they came from Yorkshire which is a county that represents some of the finest people I have ever travelled with and this undoubtedly includes the Feather family.

Thank you for making my day
Steve, Pat, Caroline, John & Amy.


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Same, same but different.

Received 3 March 2005 (edited)

Hello Selwyn,

Greetings from snowy and freezing Yorkshire.

We arrived back on Thurs lunchtime and have spent the last few days sleeping and washing clothes, wow a lot of washing!!!!
So we apologise for the length of time this took, there were not many Internet spots in Namibia!!

We had a fantastic time with you and everyone at home had logged on to you and found our pics which they thought were wonderful, it wasn't until about a week after seeing you that we got a chance to look and we were thrilled with the pics and very touched by your kind words about us and Anthony and the bookmark was a special touch.

Lots of love

Amy and the Feather family