Jeana Lee and Wes Fleming
Charlotte and David Sizemore

Birmingham - Alabama -  USA

26 July 2010

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I met this wonderful Alabama quartet at their place of stay (40 Napier Street). 
After becoming acquainted we set off on our planned winelands tour.


Wes, Jeana Lee, Charlotte and David enjoying wines on Muratie winefarm


Winetasting on Muratie


In the gardens of Muratie


We stopped for Neils wonderful bacon and whole wheat sandwiches at Bread and Wine on the Moreson winefarm near Franschhoek.


On the Moreson winefarm with spectacular scenery all around us


On La Motte winefarm where we enjoyed a great winetasting





We returned to Cape Town and went to the Africa Cafe where we enjoyed a fantastic traditional African meal.







Cape Peninsula


We started our day by travelling past Rondebosch, Newlands, Bishopscourt, Constantia and Muizenberg before arriving in the Kalk Bay harbour.

We had a fantastic fish and chips lunch with all the locals at Kalkies.


With Just Nuisance in Simonstown


At the penguin colony on Foxy Beach near Simonstown



At Cape Point on the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve


At Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope (most south western point of Africa) in the background.


Having fun with the baboons just outside of the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve


Enjoying sunset on Chapmans Peak





We returned to Cape Town and did what all Capetonians do by having dinner at the Spur Steakhouse chain.


Winelands and Kayamandi



We started off by enjoying amazing boerewors rolls in Observatory at a local sausage stand.
Please note the vegetarian in the group is not in the picture. JJ


Enjoying a winetasting at Middelvlei winefarm near Stellenbsoch where I introduced the group to Pinotage wine.


We moved onto Kayamandi and joined Lily for lunch and a bit of raconteuring from Lily 






We then moved onto the Ikamva lethu (Our future) Centre. Jeana Lee and Charlotte had brought designer dresses from their dress shop in Birmingham to Cape Town to want to have them made available for the locals to enjoy when they needed to dress up. I nearly fell on my back when I saw all the dresses that they specially schlepped from Birmingham to us in South Africa. My appreciation and admiration for their and their husbands efforts was huge.  A massive thank you also goes out to the designers who contributed their designs to this wonderful cause.  It was decided that the dresses would be kept in safekeeping and when anybody in the township needed a dress for a prom or special party the dress would be made available free of charge for the relevant party to borrow for the night. When the dresses were shown to the local dancers at the Ikamva Lethu center the children went wild with excitement and a wonderful time was had by all enjoying the experience as the below photos show.





























After celebrating the dresses the dancing started and oh my did the party rock!








We left the Ikamva Lethu center and moved onto Zone J where we walked amongst the shack homes and met the locals. After our walk we handed out oranges for trash. The below pictures tell the whole story

When I arrived in Kayamandi two days after the Fleming/Sizemore tour the first question the young man with the grey jacket asked of me was "Wheres David?" That says a lot in my opinion.














Fantastic group photograph after an overall fabulous touring experience


We ended of our day with a fish dinner at the Cape Town Fish market whereafter we returned to Cape Town and had to rather sorrowfully bade each other farewell.

If ever there was a tour that made a difference the Fleming / Sizemore tour filled this position. Jeana Lee and Charlotte were absolutely determined to bring their dresses over to the young ladies of Kayamandi and with much effort they succeeded in doing so. The girls in our dance classes went wild when they saw the dresses and there was good reason for this as the event was so special to them. From this wonderful gesture and idea a huge new concept has come to the fore. We are now collecting any articles which most people in the township do not own or cannot afford. On special occasions we are now lending these articles to townshippers who need special equipment or anything else that is out of their financial reach that is needed for special days. Eg. we will be lending out digital cameras for people in the township to use at weddings. We will have a stereo system to lend out to groups when they need it for dance evenings etc. All of this started because of Jeana Lee and Charlottes commitment to a great idea as well as their designers who so ably supported then in their task. For this we thank them all very highly.

My tour with this wonderful quartet was absolutely stunning,. They were game to try anything and at one stage I thought that I might have to stop Jeana Lee from wanting to base jump off Table Mountain. J Their friendly and intelligent company was awesome and together we experienced Cape Town in the most wonderful manner. What a marvelous tour overall but moreso what amazing people Wes, Jeana lee, David and Charlotte are.



  Received 28 July 2011

Hey Selwyn, 

Well all that I can say is that you are right! You dropped us off over an hour and a half ago and we have been up talking re capping the day and about how TRULY INCREDIBLE and once in a lifetime tour that you gave us the opportunity to experience today. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences that each of us has ever had. THANK YOU so much for making that possible. We are SO sad to leave here and to leave you as our tour guide but mark my words WE WILL BE BACK! WE PROMISE and with even more dresses and more things for the girls. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE for you and really for ALL that you do. Not only for your guest that you tour with but for HUMANITY and the GREAT PEOPLE OF Kayamandi. We have the UTMOST respect for you and ALWAYS will! You are ONE OF A KIND!! 

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! I will send you the photos! 

Oh and THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT THE LAST YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME! I just wanted you to know how AWESOME today was!! 


Jeana Lee


Received 30 August 2011

Hi Selwyn,

I have to deeply apologize for just now getting back to you. I had no clue that you had emailed until I was searching for something in my inbox and came across this email! When we left for South Africa I disabled my hotmail email account on my blackberry so that I would not have so many data charges and once we got back it took me about 14 days to get set back up on my blackberry so apparently I missed this email in the shuffle of getting my hotmail account set back up on my mobile device. MY SINCERE AND DEEPEST APOLOGIES for that! Your email was SO INCREDIBLY KIND and it deserved a response right away! I am just so glad that I DID run across it and that it did not go unanswered forever!! 

Wow, where to even start? Just sitting down to email you back nearly brings tears to my eyes and my heart fills with mixed emotions of happiness thinking back of our times together, extreme gratitude for all that you taught us and everything that you made sure we experienced, sadness as I wish that we were still there driving in your van as one big happy family and excitement knowing that we will be back in 2013! Just hearing from you and reflecting back on our time with you was so nice because we had all gotten back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your email was truly one of the kindest notes that we have ever read and please know that it is all reciprocated in tenfold. You have no idea how difficult it was for us when you dropped us off at 40 Napier late that night we did NOT want to say good bye to you either! Although our journey ended with you there PLEASE KNOW that you were present throughout our entire trip! It was very rare for even a few hours to pass without one of us reminiscing of our time with you and discussing ALL that we had learned and experienced and reciting our favorite "Selwyn-isms". Every single day on our safari we would discuss how we wished that you were still with us! And don't think that we left you in South Africa, as Wes, Charlotte, David and I get together for dinner at least twice a week if not more we often times fondly speak of you and what an amazing person you are and just how much we enjoyed our time with you. Our times with you in your BEAUTIFUL New South Africa were truly some of the fondest times that we have EVER had in our lives and it is something that we will carry with us always and forever. It is the fondest and dearest of experiences such as those we experienced with you that are most difficult to accurately convey to friends and family back at home. We can describe to our hearts content but will never accurately be able to express what a trip of a lifetime we had with our tour guide of a lifetime. You have no idea how honored we were to be touring with you. And my oh my the number of tourist that you have had it really touches our hearts that you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours. When we left Capetown we left feeling like we had learned so much, seen so much beauty (I dream about those sunsets), and accumulated a new family member because you are so much more than a friend in all of our opinions. Most importantly we walked away KNOWING that WE WILL RETURN in 2013 with YOU AS OUR GUIDE and THAT WE WANT TO SPEND SEVERAL DAYS IN KAYAMANDI. Every single one of us left a piece of our heart in Kayamandi. You have NO idea how grateful we are to you for introducing us to the wonderful people of Kayamandi and how much we ADMIRE you for ALL that you do for them. We WILL BE BACK TO DO EVEN MORE IN 2013. 

That is such AWESOME NEWS about the lending shop! That is a BRILLIANT idea and I know that it will be so greatly appreciated among the kind people of Kayamandi and beyond to other townships. PLEASE let us know what we can do to assist from here! We can send over items or anything that you all need. We have already started collecting dresses for our return and we plan on bringing more than we did last time! 

Selwyn, you really and truly are the most interesting person that I have ever met, the most intelligent person that I have ever met AND the most compassionate person that I have ever met. The world would be a better place if there were more Selwyn's in the world. I feel so honored, so privileged to have spent time with you. You make us all strive to be better people and we thank you for that. PLEASE know that if you get a wild hair and decide that you want to come and visit Alabama or even the Southeast you have a place to stay and three fantastic Alabama tour guides to show you around (
J ) I am serious about that. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From the very bottom of our hearts for giving us the tour of a lifetime of the beautiful New South Africa! We will forever cherish the memories and time we had together AND COUNTDOWN the days until we are able to return again in 2013!! 

Kindest Regards,Jeana Lee Fleming 

jeana lee 


Received 2 September 2011

Hi Selwyn!! 

Thank you for your kind email! The trip was truly a trip of a life time!! Wish we were still in SA!! Back to reality and the hustle and bustle!! 

We cannot wait to return to SA in 2013! We are counting the days!! Our next trip- we want to spend a few days in the township!! The day we spent in Kayamandi was the highlight of my trip! Seeing the smiles on the girls faces.. I will never forget! I hope they are enjoying the dresses! The lending shop is a great idea! Sister and I have already started collecting dresses for our next trip... you might need a bigger storage room.. we are going to have a lot more dresses! Hopefully more of a variety of sizes too! 

Any update on the sweet girl that I feel in love with in Kayamandi? She wasn't in the after school program. We met her during the snacks for trash... (another brilliant idea!!) 

We bought a painting of a VW van at the Rose Bank flea market... to remind us of the fun times/memories that we spent in your van!! I hung my van in our hallway- whenever I walk past the painting.. I smile! Thank you for showing us beautiful South Africa!! JLee said she left her heart there in 2009... NOW I know what she was talking about! I left mine too!! 

Have a great weekend!! See you SOON!