Fodors GTG

Bob and Karen Kimbal (USA)

Kurt Ackerman (Cape Town)

Selwyn Davidowitz (Cape Town)

16 October 2009

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I met Bob and Karen at their hotel in Green Point whereafter I fetched Kurt at his home in the Higgovale area. Unfortunately due to family and health issues two other Fodorites who were going to join us had to withdraw from the GTG however no matter what nothing stops a Fodors GTG from happening and this certainly proved to be the case for this GTG. J


Kurt, Karen and Bob at the Afrikaans Language monument where we went through the history of South Africa so as to prepare all for what was to happen for the rest of the day.


After our visit to the language monument we drove through the winelads to the town of Stellenbosch. We did a mini tour of the town before moving onto the township of Kayamandi


We saw this wonderful sign in Kayamandi


Having a traditional Xhosa lunch with Lily at her home 


Bob says "the grub is great in this town"  J






Kurt, Lily, Karen and Bob outside of Lily' s home where she proudly showed of the view from "her township".


We travelled through parts of Kayamandi looking at housing and the general way of living whereafter we moved onto the Ikamva Lethu to watch the children in the dance classes at the centre



After watching the children go through their paces everybody had great fun joining in as the pictures below show..


Kurt meets two new friends. J


Spending time with the girls in the dance class.



Kurt gets rough. JJ


The whole group showing off  "Flat Stanleys"  for the Kimbals's grandchildren


Bob and Bennet, a local township leader, spending time talking about life in the township.



Bennet explains how he has to live in his township shack home.



Having fun with the fruit for trash kids.


We completed out journey through the township and returned back to Cape Town.


Our Cape Town GTG was small, yet it worked. Much was learnt by all and I most certainly found out why Bob and Karen are such popular writers on Fodors. I dont think Bob and Karen know what it means to have an argument with anybody as they are such easy going "go with the flow" type folk however make no error they know what travelling in foreign countries is all about as they have much experience to fall back on. Kurt was great in helping explain many South African situations and proved to be a great Cape Town and South African supporter at all times while we were together. All in all every one of us had a great day in each others company.

Ps. I am not going to give away how Bob and Karen make Fodors gtg's work but they have a special way of doing things hence I recommend your meeting them if they ever came your way.