Bob and Fran German
Hendersonville - North Carolina - USA
Bob Wagoner and Ilene Goodwoman
Los Angeles California- USA
Marie Allen
Los Angeles - California - USA
Helen Green
Sydney - Australia

17 December 2004

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I met this happy squad of sea cruising friends at the Cape Town harbour when they disembarked from their cruise line the Royal princess. After meeting up I took Bob and Ilene and well as Marie to their place of stay viz the Holday Inn Waterfront and thereafter we checked Bob and Fran as well as Helen into Dale Court in Green Point. After I had all checked into their places of stay we visted my apartment an then started our Peninsula tour.


Bob, Fran, Helen, Bob, Ilene and Marie with Muizenberg in the background 


After stopping for something light to eat at the Money Tree Cafe we crossed the road and visited the Kalk Bay Harbour.


Having fun with the kids in the Kalk Bay harbour


Lunch at Kalkies

Digging in JJJ


Click here to watch a video taken at Kalky's in Camps Bay
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At the penguin colony on Boulders Beach in Simonstown


Buying ice creams outside the penguin colony

Meeting the baboons on the Cape of Good Hope Reserve


Taxi to Cape Town!  JJJ



At Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background


Yup we made it to the Cape!


Looking at small statues at "the Statues" near Scarborough


Good bye cruel world as seen from Chapmans Peak JJJ


The happy six-some on Chapmans Peak with Hout Bay in the background


Dinner at the Africa Cafe

Day 2

Winelands tour


Shopping in the Greenmarket Square



Buying a parking card from Glynnis the parking meter lady


Bob, Helen, Fran, Bob and Ilene standing on the circle depicting the centre of the city


We had a wonderful winetasting at Backsberg winefarm


Click here to watch a video taken at Backsberg
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After our visit to Backsberg we did  short tour of Stellenbosch and then had a pancake lunch at De Zoete Inval restaurant


We then travelled on to Kayamandi where all the below pictures were taken.


Bob trying to do the township jive with some the kids who did a dance for us.


Everybody enjoying themselves outside Nosandiles shack home


Helen having fun with the kids of Kayamandi


In the Water Church with Mzwake




This six-some were wonderful to tour with. To think that Bob and Fran put the whole tour together on board the Royal Princess recognizing that as a group all would be compatible is quite remarkable. We all had a great time together and I certainly enjoyed every minute of touring with this great group of six. All in all a wonderful fun filled tour which I do believe was enjoyed by all.




Received 23 December 2004

My Dear Selwyn:

I was about to write a quick thank you for my too short but fantastic visit 
to your beautiful home, when your gracious note popped up.

Let me correct you on the gist of your message: it was STRICTLY YOU who 
made our journey so special, so interesting, so much fun. The group could do 
nothing else, but get along and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Cape Town is 
definitely on my list for a nice long stay.

Thank you so much. So far only my closest friends and family have loved your 
photos on your site, but I will pass the word soon. My daughter and her new husband arrived the day after I got home, on Monday,  and it's been helter skelter ever since.
I hope to have the opportunity to meet up with you again. Bob and Ilene get 
home the day after tomorrow to fill me in on the fun I missed out on.

Best to you,

Always, Marie


Received 25 December 2004

Dear Selwyn,

We thank you , also, for a wonderful two days in Cape Town. It couldn't have been better. It is evident that you truly love your city and your job and it made the short time we were there very special.

The other day I (Fran) was at the doctor for a check-up. I was wearing a beaded bracelet that I bought in Cape Town. The nurse commented on it. When I told her where I got it, she told me that she had just gotten off the phone with the doctor's wife who told her they were planning a trip to Cape Town in March. I told her to make sure that they contact you to be their guide. I gave her the information to pass along. So, if you hear from Dr. Thomas and Judy Tufts of Ft. Lauderdale, it's because we told them how much we enjoyed our time with you!

Have a happy, healthy new year, and again, thank you for everything.

Fran and Bob German



When we visited Kayamandi Bob and Fran kept asking me what they could do for the people of Kayamandi. I told them that I knew that American libraries kept throwing away excess books and that if we could obtain the children books from these libraries it would be wonderful if we could have these books for the kids of Kayamandi. Bob and Fran took up the challenge and with lots of effort collected up three huge bags of books which they, at their own expense, sent to me in Cape Town. The next pictures and video show what the result of Bob and Fran's great efforts were.







Please click here to see a video of what the children of Kayamandi thought about Bob and Fran's magnificent gesture
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