Holter family

London - UK

18 April 2011

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I met the Holter family at the Cape Grace hotel and after becoming aqauinted we decided on doing a cultural journey by visiting Paarl and Kayamandi.


The Holter family looking up into the "Afrikaans tower" at the Afrikaans language monument in Paarl


Lucas shows another way to wear an African ladies hat. JJ


Lucas and Helena enjoying lollies after our visit to the Afrikaans language monument


We spent time with Lily while she told us her life story



Helena, Lucas, Lily, Martine and Henning outside of Lily's Kayamandi home


Lucas went for a soapbox (Supermarket trolley)  ride with these two young Kayamandians


While Martine had to do a conference call Henning, Lucas, Helena and I joined the dancers at the Ikamva Lethu centre at their dance practice.





Having fun with the kids in Zone J


Martine and Patricia talking  about township life in Patricia's mothers shack home in Zone J


Talking soccer to Booi in his grandmothers shack home in Zone J


Handing out apples for trash amongst the children of Zone J


We left Kayamandi at close on 19h30 and made our way back to the Cape Grace Hotel with much being discussed about our past days experiences.

WOW WOW WOW! What a fantastic family the Holters were to tour with. Our tour together was an amazing experience for me mainly because Lucas and Helena brought so much to the day with their unbelievable intention to want to learn, learn and learn some more. Their curiosity as to how the South African way of life affected all was quite amazing. These two children simply have to be amongst the brightest I have ever toured with, so much so that their intensity to want to gain knowledge was an incredible challenge for me. Needless to say while the children showed enormous inquisitiveness their parents did not do to badly for themselves either. J J What a tour!!!

On our second day the Holters decided to cancel their tour as they were totally exhausted and wanted to rather, I believe wisely, spend some family time together as opposed to wanting to go on tour. I fully understood the situation but truly missed the opportunity of taking on the very exciting challenge of having to tour this wonderful family for another day.


A BIG THANK YOU for your most generous donation to the people of Kayamandi


Received on 19 April 2010



The Holter family

19 April 2010

Dear Selwyn,

We want to thank you for hosting and guiding us on a remarkable tour of South Africa / Cape Town yesterday. Embroidering political history with present day enduring realities and with the hope of change, step by step, our visit to Kayamandi was an extraordinary experience for us all. Lucas and Helena will forever remember.

 With our thanks for your time and special spirit.

 Martine, Helena, Lucas and Henning.