Chuck & Christopher McClanahan

Corsicana - Texas - USA

30 May 2003

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I met Chuck and Christopher at the Cape Town airport and we travelled to their place of stay viz. Avanti guesthouse. From the minute that we met I sensed that this was going to be great tour. On arrival at the guesthouse we took the decision that they would take a 3-4 hour nap before we started to tour the city of Cape Town. 

I fetched Chuck and Christopher at Avanti at about 14h30 and we started to do a tour of the centre of Cape Town.


Chuck could not resist taking a seat on this Harley Davison at the Harley Davison shop


Christopher showing off the Harley Davison Cape Town t-shirt

After our Cape Town city centre tour we travelled up to Table Mountain.
Here we see Christopher doing "the Table Mountain Titanic" J.


Two small steps for the McClanahans; Two big steps for mankind J


Chuck and Christopher do the Titanic over a wonderful Cape Town vista with Robben Island in the background
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Father and son at sunset on Table Mountain.


A McClanahan Cape Town silhouette.


After our Table Mountain visit we travelled to Theo's Steakhouse where we had a great dinner and took the above picture.

Day 2

Cape Peninsula Tour


Chuck felt a bit nauseas in the morning so just to play safe we called for a doctors help. The doctor pointed out that there was nothing seriously wrong with Chuck and prescribed some medicine as well as Chuck to take it easy for the day. Christopher and I left for the Peninsula and gave Chuck an opportunity to get some sleep.

On leaving Cape Town we saw that Table Mountain had a cloud tablecloth and decided to take the above picture for all to see.

Christopher sport a longfin tuna fish in the Kalk Bay harbour

Standing in front of a fishing boat in the Kalk Bay Harbour.


Christopher at the penguin colony


Christopher and his penguin admirer in the background. J


Christopher goes hippo riding at "The statues"  J



Christopher amongst the statues
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We passed Scarborough and Christopher yelled out, " I want to collect some Cape Town sand for my grandpappy" and that is exactly what you can see Christopher doing in the above picture.



We collected Chuck at Avanti and found him be as right as rain and raring to go so we went to the Spur restaurant in the Waterfront and then moved on to Out of Africa to do some shopping.



Son and father all togged out in their new hats and totally prepared to tackle their safari the next morning.


Great father and son team; fabulous upstanding citizens to travel with and most important a very happy tour to have done. It was a pity that Chuck felt slightly offish on Saturday but all in all we made up for the day in the evening at the Waterfront Mall where we all had a great time with Chuck leading the way.


Received 18 June 2003


We returned to Corsicana on June 15th. The rest of our trip was very exciting and enjoyable and surpassed all of our expectations as so did your tour of Cape Town.

Christopher took some good trophies, but I think he's most impressed with the knife you gave him!  He's told and showed everyone about it, and I feel he will treasure it more and more as the years go by. I want to thank you for making the Cape Town trip so meaningful to both of us. You are a wonderful person, and I am really glad we got to know you. We plan to return in a couple of years, and we very much would like to once again be with you in Cape Town. 

Thank you very much

Chuck and Christopher