Jeff, Lisa, Heather and Nathan Schmoll

Luanda - Angola

16 October 2010

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I met the wonderful Schmoll family at De Waterkant apartments, Soon after becoming aquainted we set off on a Cape Peninsula tour


In Kalk bay harbour


On the watertaxi from Kalk Bay to Simonstown


Meeting Just Nuisance in Simonstown


In the Toyshop Museum in Simonstown



Heather outside the penguin colony under a bottle brush tree.


Jeff, Nathan. Lisa and Heather at the penguin colony on Foxy Beach


Ascending Cape Point


At Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background


At Cape Point



Fun picture of Nathan at Cape Point


Jeff on the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve with a bontebok in the background



Heather meets a Chacma baboon at the Cape of Good Hope


At the Cape of Good Hope with a baboon in the background



Fun picture of Jeff and a Chacma baboon  at the Cape of Good Hope


Nathan laughing at either Heather with her 3 legs or himself in this full picture. JJ


We suggested that Nathan takes on somebody his own size and so he did. JJ


This is what Nathan looked like after his "personal" fight.  JJ



The Schmolls enjoying sunset on Chapmans Peak


Heather taking in a great Cape sunset


The Schmolls Family on Chapmans peak at sunset.



Mom and son on Chapmans peak



Daughter and dad on Chapmans Peak




African Fabrics




While Lisa and Heather were purchasing fabrics at the Manandi Fabric store the men in the party were enjoying great boerwors rolls purchased from a street vendor in Observatory.


We stopped in at the Pot Belly Factory on the way to Stellenbosch to buy some biltong and droewors (dry sausage). In the picture above Nathan is watching the lady from the Pot Belly Pantry slicing the biltong into thin strips.


Enjoying a Xhosa lunch time meal with Lily in her Kayamandi home


Lily Heather and Nathan in front of Lily's famous stove


Enjoying some young dancers doing their dance routine in a Zone J shack home


Nathan skipping in Zone J


Nada and Nathan in Nada's  home in Zone J


Handing out apples for trash in Zone J


Watching the Ikamva Lethu (Our Future) kids dancing at the Ikamva Lethu Centre.



Lisa and Heather join in the dancing fun


Please click here to see Heather doing a dance routine for the Ikamva dancers to enjoy.
What a fantastic way to end our journey in Kayamandi!


After our visit to Kayamandi we returned to Cape Town. In Cape Town I dropped the Schmoll family off at the Baxter Theatre where they stayed on to enjoy a production of Raiders of the last Aardvark.

What an amazing tour this truly was . The Schmoll family were extraordinaire to say the least. We had so much non-stop fun together at all times that our journey was a full-time fun-time roller coaster ride all the way. I know that I loved every minute of this tour and can but only hope that the Schmoll family also enjoyed it as much. All in all 2 fantastic days in Cape Town and its surrounds.



PS. Thank you BIG BIG BIG TIME for the wonderful donation you made to help feed the kids in Zone J via the soup kitchen. MUCH APPRECIATED

Received 15 January 2011



Happy New Year and I hope this note finds you well.  I wanted to tell you a funny Nathan story that I thought you would enjoy.  We are planning an Egyptian holiday right now for April.  I told Nathan we would have a tour guide something like Mr Selwyn but an Egyptian expert to tell us about the history there.  Nathan says "I would take Selwyn to Egypt even if he does not know anything about the place."  Pretty good recommendation!

 We continue to look back with fondness on Cape Town and our time with you.