John, Kristin, Therese and Nicolai Tallo 

Aberdeen - Scotland

9 October 2006

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I met the Tallo family at their place of staying Constantia (Dongola House) and as planned we set out on a winelands/township tour


Kristin at the Afrikaans Language Monument


Therese admires a king Protea at the Afrikaans Language monument


The Tallos at the Afrikaans language monument.
Apologies fro the over exposure of this picture)


We stopped in for lunch at Cotage Fromage


We travelled on to Kayamandi and joined Lily at here home. Here we see Kristin , Therese and Nicolai listening attentively to Lily's life story



Therese, John, Kristin, Lily and Nicolai outside Lily's home with its spectacular mountain views


Luyanda of Masakhane welcomes Kristin to dance with him


Luyanda puts the family through their dancing paces JJ

Please click here to watch a video of Kristin and Therese dancing with Masakhane
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Please click here to watch a video of Nicolai drumming with Luyanda
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The Tallo ladies join Masakhane in dance. JJ


Nicolai and Luyanda dancing 


Please click here to watch a video of Nicolai dancing with Luyanda
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Therese having fun with some of the kids in Zone O


Please click here to watch a video of Nicolai and Therese playing in the street with the kids of Kayamandi
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The winning soccer team JJ


Group photo in Zone O


Group photo of all at Nosandile's shack home.

After our visit to Kayamandi we went into Stellenbosch for a light supper before returning to Constantia

Day 2

Cape Peninsula Tour


The Tallo family with Muizenberg in the background


I joined this picture take at the Boulders Beach penguin colony


Deciding on what to eat for lunch at Cape Point


Fun photo at Cape Point. JJ


We nearly lost Nicolai on our way down to Scarborough. JJ


On Chapmans Peak


Nicolai shouting "Good bye cruel world" - Dont worry we rescued him JJ


The Tallo's doing the Table Mountain shuffle atop of Table Mountain


Great sunset photo atop of Table Mountain of the Tallo family.

Touring wit the Tallo family was a very special privilege. This was a very humble family who enjoyed life to the full while certainly not forgetting fellow human beings around them. This was a special group of 4 wonderful people from whom I gained immensely during our two days of travelling in the Cape Town region. We saw lots, shared much and had a wonderful time together. I certainly believe that our tour was a great success ad can but only hope that the whole Talo family felt similarly.



Received 28 October 2006

Hi Selwyn,

A huge thank you to you; we had 2 wonderful days with you. Especially
Kayamandi will remain with us for a very long time. Both Therese and
Nicolai say that they have really learned a lot from seeing and meeting the
wonderful, positive people of the township. 

We had a fantastic evening in Africa Café - the food is an experience which
we all enjoyed - Nicolai even ordered more of several dishes and took his
time eating! Kristin says thank you for the present you gave her, and she
greatly enjoyed the singing!

The rest of our holiday went well; we spent a couple of days in Hermanus
watching countless whales, before flying to Johannesburg and Pilanesberg
Game Reserve. It is quite something else to see animals close up and in the
wild, as we did! Not at all like a zoo!

In Johannesburg we took a short tour into Soweto, seeing a 'small' informal
settlement with no electricity, water or sanitation. The Hector Pietersen
Museum was perhaps a 'highpoint', as it is one thing to hear or read about
the Apartheid years when in the safety of Europe; it was, especially for the
children, a new experience to actually see the spot where the uprising took
place, and to watch the videos and photographic evidence at first hand, so
to say, was important. Both Kristin and I, of course, remember well those
terrible days in 1976.

The last evening in SA was spent in the company of my Aunt Pam, who is 86
and still going strong!

Now we have been back in cold, rainy Scotland for a week - with a lot of new
experiences and memories from the warm and sunny southern part of our

We look forward to meeting you again next time we are in Cape Town!

With lots of love, and best wishes for your work into the future of South

Nicolai, Therese, Kristin and John.