Paul Nacht and Joan Altman

Stu and Ruth Agranoff

New York - USA

10 August 2008

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I met Paul, Joan, Stu and Ruth at Cape Codogan and it most certainly did not take long to become acquainted with this fantastic foursome. Soon after our meeting up we set off on  Cape Peninsula journey.

We travelled to Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Simonstown. We stopped in at Simonstown and visited "Just Nuisance" before moving onto the penguin colony


Stu photgraphing Ruth at the penguin colony at Boulders Beach


Ruth and Stu at the penguin colony


Paul and Joan at Boulders Beach


Leaving the penguin colony


Ruth meeting up with some Chacma baboons on the cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve


Stu and Joan having fun amongst the baboons


Stu and friends. JJ


Paul and Joan at Cape Point


Having fun at Cape Point


Paul at Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background


Ruth and Paul at Cape Point


At the most south western point of Africa - The Cape of Good Hope






Unfortunately Paul and Joan had an attack of gastro and could not join Ruth, Stu and myself on tour this day


At the Afrikaans language monument



With Lily in her Kayamandi home


Having fun with the ballroom dancers at the Ikamva Centre


Ruth and Pienkie dancing at the Ikamva Centre


Having fun with the kids in Zone J - Kayamandi





Ruth with a family in their shack home in Kayamandi


Ruth handing out apples for the fruit for trash project.







Joan did not feel well in the early part of the morning so while Ruth and Stu joined me on a tour of the Kirstenbosch Gardens  we took her to the Christiaan Barnard Memorial hospital where she was well taken care of.


Ruth and Stu in the succulent garden.



Walking on the landings at Kirstenbosch


Stu looking at buying a hat in the Kirstenbosch shop


Ruth surrounded by color in the Kirstenbosch shop


After our walk through Kirstenbosch we  travelled back to Chriistiaan Barnard Memorial to fetch Paul and Joan whereafter we moved onto Stellenbosch


Ruth and Stu on Ernie Els's farm


Winetasting at Ernie Els


This foursome were a great fun group to travel with . We had a wonderful time together and I enjoyed touring Ruth, Stu, Paul and Joan immensely. This quartet were so easy going and full of fun that it would have been very hard to have failed in making their tour a a success.  We had much fun while driving together. It was such a pity that Paul and Joan could not join us on our second day; as a matter of fact this was the only "downer on the whole tour.   I hope that this fabulous foursome enjoyed our tour as much as I did and at the same time hopefully attained some  insight into what Cape Town and its inhabitants are all about.




Received 3 September 2008


Hi Selwyn,

Thank you for a great experience in Cape Town. I haven't forgotten that you would like copies of Stuart's photographs. Your pictures on your website are terrific. Below is a copy of an email I distributed at school to see if some of our students would like to fund-raise for Kayamandi.

From: Agranoff, Ruth
Subject: Senior Experience - Kayamandi

Hi all,

As part of my vacation this summer, I visited the black township of Kayamandi in South Africa. It was a rather moving experience. Over 50% of the people live in shacks, and the average life expectancy is 45. Our tour guide, Selwyn Davidowitz, is very involved with the township. He has been very active in creating a community center, educating students outside the township (the schools in Kayamandi have 50 students per class), and providing fruit for children.

I'm wondering if any of our seniors would be interested in fund-raising for the township. You can read about Kayamandi on Selwyn's website - Go to the bottom of the page a click "Township Tours", and then also click on "Improving Kayamandi". 

I have great pictures that are in the process of being developed. The kids in this community are adorable and happy, even though most live in true poverty.

If any students are interested, please have them look me up or send me an email. I have no experience working with the senior programs or fund-raising, but I don't see that as a problem. I'll connect the students with Selwyn and assist in any way I can. 

Thank You!