Travel to Cape Town + City tour

Breakfast at Cathbert


In front of a huge bougainvillea tree at Backsberg


Winetasting at Backsberg


Janis in the Backsberg cellars


Mother and daughter at Backsberg


Father and daughter at Backsberg


Enjoying dinner at Baia


Allison looks at the daunting task of eating a huge meal at Baia JJ


Janis getting stuck in. JJ


The fish platter at Baia


Cape Peninsula


Shannon on the patio at Camps Bay Terrace


Shopping at Tribal Trends in Long Street


Allison having fun while shopping


Choices, choices? JJ



An unusual picture of Shannon as seen through the Tribal Trends window



Allison and Shannon shopping at the Potters Way in Kalk Bay



Mother and daughter at the Potters Way



Allison and Shannon doing their "penguin look" J at the penguin colony at Boulders beach



Fun picture taken at Cape Point


Yup we made it to Cape Point


Great picture of Charlie and Jan at Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope (most southwestern point of Africa) in the background


Shannon and Allison climbing Cape Point


It was blowing a gale at Cape Point as can be seen from the above picture


Sharing an ice cream in the Cape Point shop



We found some wonderful things to buy at Red Rock tribal


Atop of Chapmans Peak


We arrived back in Cape Town to find that Table Mountain was closed due to high winds so after a short break we all went to Tank (sushi restaurant) for dinner


Table Mountain and Africa Cafe


I collected the foursome at 17h45 to go up Table Mountain after they had been to Robben Island as well as done some last minute shopping during the day


In the cable car ascending Table Mountain

On top of Table Mountain



Sunset on Table Mountain


After our ascent up Table Mountain we ended off our journey with a wonderful meal at the Africa Cafe



Last minute shopping at the Africa Cafe.

For me this tour was an amazing journey through the Garden Route and Cape Town region which was made as such purely because of the 4 wonderful people on board with me. Charlie, Janis, Shannon and Allison were such different personalities yet they got on so well with each other that the journey just became an endless fascination to me while being with them. We really got very close as a quintet and I enjoyed every minute of this happening. We shared so, so much in each others company and overall our journey was as exciting at the end as it was right at the start. The 100 pictures seen above certainly show this. 

I think if you asked any of Charlie, Jan, Shannon or Allison what the most used words were on our tour they would make an error by saying it was "you'll see". J The reason why I say they would be wrong is because I think the most common words were "pole barn". J No matter what one day I sincerely hope to meet all once again when I visit Charlie's pole barn, you'll see!! JJ Cant wait for this to happen.

Charlie, Jan, Shannon and Allison.

"Bongi" will always remind me of your visit for which both Bette and I thank you in a big way. May I also thank you for your kind generosity in offering to sponsor the education of a child in Kayamandi in 2008. Finally thank you big time for simply being yourselves as you were just perfect to travel with!!

Received 2 April 2007

Hi Selwyn,

Thank you so much for sending this. I am excited to forward it to my friend
who is a huge Robert Kennedy fan.

I arrived home yesterday morning and spent most of the day in a vegetable
state trying not to fall asleep. This may be the worst jetlag I have every
suffered from! I went to bed at normal time, however, and hope to be back
on track in no time.

Also, thank you so much for your email from yesterday. I can't begin to
tell you how much I enjoyed my experience in South Africa. Since we parted
ways on Thursday night, all my parents, Allison and I have been able to talk
about is what an amazing time we had. As I mentioned to you, my dad was the
one who was most reluctant to come and I think he had the best time, which
is most impressive. There is no doubt that this is due in large part to
your professional, informative and enthusiastic tour of the garden route and
cape town. And I will have you know that my parents came to me on their own
with the idea to sponsor a child after I already decided to do it
independently but hadn't yet informed them. I suspect that they were
greatly moved in Kayamundi and wanted to help even though it is half a world
away from where they live. Needless to say, for once I refrained from
making a point from our earlier debate (I know, hard for me!) and simply was
happy and proud of the action. In so many ways we all grew and learned
from our experiences of the past 2 weeks.

I am looking forward to updates from you about Kayamundi and other
adventures you are having. Most importantly, we will be in touch about
sponsoring a child. Many thanks once again for a most amazing time and for
being such a great travel companion.

Best wishes,


Received 2 April 2007


We have returned with more wonderful memories of a vacation than Jan and I
have ever brought home before! We had previously considered ourselves well
traveled, but had no idea how incomplete our travels were until our visit to
"the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful new South Africa." The people and
culture, the wildlife, the sights, the food, and Selwyn Davidowitz made our
time there unrivaled amongst all of our travel experiences. Yes, we rank
you amongst the more widely known national treasures of South Africa! Thank
you for sharing your energy, your passion for your profession, your love of
country, your knowledge, and, most of all, your friendship with Janis,
Shannon, Allison, and me. You added a depth and texture to our travels that
elevated our experience from "merely" special to unique in every way (here's
where a string of WOW!s would seem appropriate). I truly appreciate your
comments about our small but merry team. It does indeed take special people
to spend so much time together with such intensity and still get on so well.
The ladies were particularly tolerant of me and my quirks, but you, as the
team coach kept us all in the game at all times. Well done! You might
consider mediation at the international level for your next career (or,
perhaps, group therapy).

We look forward to staying in touch with you and are excited about
sponsoring one of your children in their schooling. What you are doing in
Kayamandi is an inspirational act of generosity and selflessness. Thanks
for sharing it as an experience and not a tour and for teaching us the
difference between the two.

I will, of course, forward to you pictures of the pole barn. I would do it
with this message, but I am not that adept with my PC. So, look for them to

With warmest regards, Janis and Charlie.


Received 7 April 2007

Dear Selwyn,

Well, it has now been just about a week since we returned home from SA. The laundry is done and I've caught up with the usual - bills, emails, phonecalls - and now wanted to take some time to send you a huge thank you for making our trip so enjoyable and memorable. From the moment we began corresponding, I had a feeling the trip was going to be a fantastic one - but even your passionate and thoroughly detailed messages (a huge plus for an anal project manager like myself) couldn't have prepared me for the journey you had in store for us. Not only did we experience and learn a tremendous amount about South Africa, we did so in a way that allowed us truly to be on vacation while on vacation as you had every detail taken care of. No need to worry about how we would get to place X or, certainly, where we would be going for dinner (my metabolism is still adjusting and I fear permanent damage - That is a real problem and I don't know what is going to happen :) - all we had to do was show up each morning for breakfast and enjoy the ride ahead of us. 

It goes without saying that the highlight of the trip for me - and I believe for the rest of the crew - was our visit in Kayamandi. From listening to Lily detail her life story including how her path crossed with yours, to gaining insight into the lives of the dozens of kids who accompanied us throughout our visit, the time had a lasting impact on me - reaffirming my drive to continue, in some way, to positively impact the lives of children. You should be very proud of the work you are doing in Kayamandi and I feel privileged to have been able to witness it first hand and to contribute to its future success. 

All serious things aside, gee whiskers, the trip was a darn good time! Shannon and I were for sure able to relive many of our elementary school laugh attacks even while learning about African historic figures like Chaka Khan or begging you to end the onslaught of force feeding. Even a seemingly innocent visit to a gas station was not safe upon the need to experience South Africa's even milkier Kit Kat bar! 

Overall, I loved every second of the trip and look forward to staying in touch and, hopefully one day, returning to visit. 

Thanks again, 

***On a side note - upon returning home I was able to enjoy all the episodes of Oprah I had Tivoed while away;). One great episode featured an organization called Room to Read - which provides much needed books and sets up schools and libraries in developing countries - including South Africa! The founder told his story on the show and also mentioned his book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, which I promptly bought yesterday and read in full today! It is a truly inspiring story which made me think of the work you are doing in Kayamandi. I don't know much about the school or library situation you are facing there, but thought at the very least you might want to check out the website. I think you will relate to his passion for education and enjoy learning some about the organization. If you want to check it out, the website is

Received 18 May 2007