Carrolle Devonish Alicia Tee Beatty
Sylvia Wright  Yvette Wallace
Emma Dickerson  Janet Shular

Anguila - West Indies

Philadelphia - USA

9 September 2005

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I met this wonderful 6-some of ladies at the Cape Colonial guesthouse where they were staying and after going thorugh a getting to know you session ( remember  there were 6 of them and one of me JJ)  we set out on our Cape Winelands tour



Alicai, Sylvia, Carrolle Yvette and Janet admiring a King Protea at the Afrikaans language monument



The whole group at with the Afrikaans Langauge monument in the background



Shopping at Bronze on the Seidelberg winefarm




Alicia having fun in the glass factory on Seidelberg winefarm



Carrolle and Yvette in the glass factory shop



Alicia, Sylvia and Yvette deciding on the wines at Seidelberg winefarm.
Decisions decisions! JJ



Grapes or nails!  JJ
A wonderful private joke shared by Emma with us all after a fabulous lunch at Cotage Fromage. 
Sylvia seems to be saying "oh no not again". JJ



After enjoying the Masakahne dance group we saw Janet, Alicia and Yvette having fun with Luyanda in the Ikamva Lethu Center in Kayamandi



Yvette having fun with the kids in Kayamandi



Sharing Lily's home with her



Alicia and Lily gave us a wonderful performance of hymn duet singing - memorable to say the vert least




We met up with Jevita (centre) and her two sets of twins while driving through Kayamandi



The group has great fun sharing stories with Nosandile in her shack home



Alicai after having been facepainted at Moyo restaurant


Yvette being facepainted at Moyo.




Day 2

Cape Peninsula tour


We started our day with an ascent up Table Mountain. In the above picture we see Sylvia and Alicia in one of the old cablecars on Table Mountain




Doing the Tabel Mountain shuffle  JJ



Shopping in Kalk Bay


Emma resting in Kalk Bay while others were shopping. JJ



The sixsome at Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background



Yvette enjoying an ice cream at Cape Point



Emma taking an ice cream break at Cape Point.




Yvette decided to say farewell on Chapmans Peak but we stopped her timeously. JJJJ



"Sisters are doing it for themselves" on Chapmans Peak in Cape Town, South Africa. JJ



Below are some fantastic sunset pictures taken on Chapmans Peak








Emma, Alicia, Janet, Carolle, Sylvia and Yvette enjoying sunset on Capmans Peak



We ended off our tour with a fabulous evening at the Africa Cafe.




This group were AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. They got on so well as good friends should and made up their mind that this was going to be a fun tour all the way. Believe me they had a holiday second to none and rest assured that I enjoyed myself as much as they all did. It would have been wonderful to have spent one more day in each others company but alas time contraints crept up on us.  In summary I wish I could do this type of tour over and over as it was such a memorable event. A big thanks also has to go to Carrolle for organising the 6-some.


Carrolle, Alicia, Emma,
Janet, Sylvia and Yvette
what more can I say other than 

A big thanks also goes out to you all for your very generous help for the Masakahne Dance group


Received 25 October 2005


Dear, dear Selwyn: 

Our time with you was the HIGHLIGHT of our trip. We talked about you the remaining days in South Africa and we all longed to have spent more time with you. You are very special and I feel we had a taste of the real South Africa by traveling with you. What a joy. 

I was so sad to leave SA....I hope we can return, there is so much more to see and learn. We had two Black South Africa guides while in SA -- we kept saying that we wish they could shadow you. They will grow and learn as they gain more experience, but we wish they could spend time with you. They are both Dreamcatcher representatives -- one in JoBurg and one in Durban.

Please keep in touch. I read the South African news daily and I continue to be deeply interested in the progress there. I read the new book out about Mbeki -- very interesting...and I will keep reading. I hope we can keep the dialogue going between are my one solid link to SA and I want to learn more, more. I would love to continue to discuss issues with you.

I am still on South African time -- Yvette and I returned yesterday afternoon after a day and night in Philadelphia.

Thanks to you, Selwyn. We know we have gained a friend. Come and visit us -- you and Betty. You would love the beaches and Yvette and I would take you around and also to St. Martin - the French/Dutch island 18 minutes away by ferry (you could probably swim there!), We send our love. The pics are great!!!