Mitzi Sachs and Kerry Lemieux  

Roz Edison and Kamala Saxtan

Kris Bauer and Cheri Carr

Seattle - Washington USA

   26 September 2007

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I met this wonderful sextet of ladies in De Waterkant where they were staying. It did not take long to become acquainted with this very friendly group and after some quick discussion we set off on a Cape Peninsula tour. 


Kerry, Kris and Kamala enjoy the views at Muizenberg


Mitzi and Kerry making some serious looking shopping choices at the Potters Way in Kalk Bay


Roz digs deep to find the right plate at the Potters Way JJ 


Roz and Kamala making some shopping decisions at the Potters Way


It seems as if Kerry is saying "Eureka I found it" while shopping at the aardvark shop in Kalk Bay JJ


Mitzi, Kerry, Kris, Cheri, Kamala and Roz enjoying a great fish lunch at Kalkies in Kalk Bay


Kerry and Roz whalespotting in Fish Hoek


Kamala enjoying the incredible whales that we saw in Fish Hoek (40 yards away)


Kris and Cheri whalespotting


Kerry, Cheri and Kris at the penguin colony on Boulders Beach


Kamala and Kerry enjoying Boulders Beach


Mitzi and Kerry at Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the back ground



The sextet at Cape Point with the most south western point of Africa  JJ


At the Cape of Good Hope


Kris finds solitude at the Cape of Good Hope


Can you spot Kerry in this picture taken at the Cape of Good Hope?



Click on the above photo to see a video of Kerry preparing to do sabrage to celebrate here birthday while at the Cape of Good Hope
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Click on the above photo to see a video of Kerry doing sabrage to celebrate here birthday  at the Cape of Good Hope
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Click on the above photo to see a video of us celebrating Kerry's birthday at the Africa Cafe
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Please click here to see a video of the sextet being given a grand farewell by the Africa Cafe staff
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From the minute that I met these 6 ladies I just knew that this was going to be a very special tour and so it was. We had the most amazing time together traveling through the Cape Peninsula and celebrating Kerry's birthday in the process. We learnt and shared so much from each other that this must have come as close as possible to being the perfect tour. Per chance the day after our tour I met up with Roz, Kamala. Mitzi and Kerry and we went out to Kayamandi for about two hours where we met Zimkita whom Roz and Kamala are sponsoring in 2008 for schooling. In the evening I spent some time with all at their apartment in De Waterkant and was truly very, very sorry to have to say goodbye to everyone. Whit a fabulous tour this was. WOW!

Roz and Kamala thank you for your wonderful generosity in your sponsoring of Zimkita. Roz, Kamala, Kris, Cheri, Mitzi and Kerry  thank you so very much for all your kind generosity in helping the people of Kayamandi


Roz, Kamala, Kris, Cheri, Mitzi and Kerry

Received 1 October 2007


Hi Selwyn,

Thank you for your email, but more poignantly, thank you for being such a wonderful guide, host and friend in Cape Town. You were 100% correct that we had saved the best for last. It was a pleasure to spend a day and a half with you - we learned more than we could have imagined.

I have to keep this a bit short because I am still digging out from all of my email but I'll definitely stay in touch!

Roz and Kamala


Received 8 October 2007



I am so happy for you! After our tour with you, I knew you were the only choice for the award. 
I cant begin to express how fortunate we feel to have had the opportunity to meet you. You are an incredible man, and we are blessed to have you as our friend.

While we love Seattle, we miss South Africa and look forward to returning soon. 

Congratulation Selwyn!




Received 8 October 2007

Hi Selwyn, Kris and Cheri here....

We are finally getting caught up on our email and have been getting pictures in order. Cheri is finally feeling better. We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing tour we could ever ask for. Your unending knowledge of Cape Town was invaluable, we learned so much while having the time of our lives. Your passion for your job was obvious and we so appreciated all the wonderful experiences you gave us. 

Our pictures are fantastic and as soon as we get them peared-down we will send them for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for your pictures of our tour...they are fantastic, thank you for your kindness, and thank you for the most wonderful tour we could ask for. You are an amazing person Selwyn and it was truly our pleasure to meet you and we look forward to staying in touch with you. 

Take care, love from Washington, Kris and Cheri


Received 8 October 2007


Congratulations! Roz does speak for us all! An honor not to be taken ROCK! 

Funny, when people ask about our trip to S. Africa you are the first person I tell them about! Although you are tough to explain...all that energy and passion for your country and a real warmth about you. Thank you so much for a very special day. 

How are those olives? Let me tell you how proud I was to have introduced the Great Selwin to something new! 

Congratulations again! Looking forward to another meeting someday soon.