Eisenburg family

Washington DC - USA

17 November 2005

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I met the Eisenburg family at the Portswood hotel and as planned we set off on a Cape Peninsula tour.


We stopped in at Kalk Bay where we had a great fish lunch at Kalkies in the Kalk Bay harbour


Ben, Meg., Joel and Emily enjoying the penguins at Boulders Beach


The family at Cape Point where as can be seen we encounterd a windy day


Enjoying a picture taken at Cape Point


Emily ensures that the Cape Point lighthouse remains standing. JJ


Emily meets some chacma baboon friend at Cape Point. JJ



Ben decides that he has had enough of the world at Chapmans Peak JJ

Emily feels similarly to her brother. JJ


Father and son reconciled after Ben decided to rather enjoy the rest of the tour. JJ


The whole family at Chapmans Peak


We ascended Table Mountain and as can be seen in the above picture Emily decided to emulate the actors in the movie Titanic. JJ


Not to be outdone by his sister Ben did the Titanic thing too


The whole family doing the Table Mountain shuffle.


Great picture atop of Table Mountain


After enjoying a bottle of champagne we took in a great sunset on Table Mountain


Day 2

Winelands and Kayamandi


Meg stands next to a King Protea at the Arfrikaans Language monument


We stopped in at the Isibane Sempumulelo creche in Kayamandi where I took the above picture of Joel and the kids in the creche.


Ben showing the kids in the creche his pictures.


Click here to view a video of Joel having fun with the Isibane Sempomulelo creche kids
Note: Only watch this 5mb file video if you have a broadband connection



Emily meets a young friend


We travelled to Middlevlei winefarm and on the way we saw the above King Protea bush which I just could not resist photographing with Meg in the picture


We met Delilah on Middelvlei who showed us what she was doing with the Middelvlei staff in terms of social work.


We returned to Kayamandi and met Nosandile and Johannes at Nosandile's shack home.


Emily with some of the kids in Zone J


Joing in at a church service in Zone J

Click here to view a video of the family enjoying a church service in Kayamandi
Note: Only watch this 5mb file video if you have a broadband connection


Click here to view a video of Joel and Ben enjoying the church service in Kayamandi
Note: Only watch this 5mb file video if you have a broadband connection




Joy is in the air!


We visited Lily at her home after our stop in at Zone J and thereafter returned to Cape Town where we ended our tour at about 21h30.

This was a truly awesome tour. Joel, Meg, Emily and Ben were an absolute delight to travel with. We learnt so much from each other and in the process our journey toegther tour was a non stop wonderful  event. We experienced much in unison and spoke openly and freely about what South Africa is about today. The back and forth debate was wonderful to say the least. What a brilliant, brilliant tour this was for me and I can but only hope that the Joel, Meg, Emily and ben felt so too.